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Industry Needs Government Support
Bulldozer Navigates in Kuban
Successful Auditing
CMM Measuring Any Part
Concern for Children
Bulldozers are delivered to the North
New Equipment for OJSC RZhD
ChTZ Set Up Two More Storehouses in The Regions
Contribution of CTZ to Revival of Russia Obtained Public Recognition
Those Who Offer Servicing Are Riding High
We Proved Ourselves in China
ChTZ Reviewed the Commodity Distribution Network
ChTZ Tractors Took Their Place in the Turkmen Sun
ChTZ Was Loaded With Gold in Ulan Ude
Export-2006. From Kazakhstan to India
All institutes are our guests
Admired like children
Valery Platonov is the best manager
The future of ChTZ is for youth
“Little Dragon” will try on the ChTZ tracks
Pyotr Sumin: ChTZ is on the make, ChTZ is risen
ChTZ wins tender
The ChTZ tractors violate the borders
ChTZ purchased “Vitiaz”
The General Director of ChTZ confers the awards
Why looking up to the West if there is ChTZ
The awards have found ChTZ
The Perspective Modules
ChTZ supplies vehicles for the largest enterprises of Russia
ChTZ instructing customers how to operate on the new technique
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant won the tender for supply 16 B-11 bulldozers for “Tatneft” JSC
ChTZ joined “Russian Register” Association
ChTZ joined IPLOCA
ChTZ presented bulldozer with folding blade
DET-400 renovated and improved
New scopes of use for ChTZ tractors
The formal visit of RF Presidential Envoy Igor Kholmanskikh
ChTZ completed shipment to Talakan oil field
39 ChTZ machines ride to Chukotka
ChTZ launcing railroad journal boxes production
ChTZ proceeds with re-equipment
Reconstruction of forge hammer
ChTZ producing bulldozer for ALROSA leading Russian diamond mining company
ChTZ pipe layers delivered to Sudan
ChTZ extending range of road construction vehicles
ChTZ acquired Czech equipment
CHTZ machines reached the coast of Cuba
ChTZ increases export sales to Kazakhstan
ChTZ at the 46th IPLOCA Convention
ChTZ is getting ready to launch new high-precision equipment
ChTZ unveils BKK-2 new wheeled dozer-compactor
ChTZ is producing swamp bulldozers for Belorussian ameliorators
ChTZ to export spare parts for tractors to Bulgaria and several Baltic countries
Shipping new bulldozer with V-shaped blade
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant
Dmitry Medvedev has appreciated the new B11.8000 bulldozer
Engineer vehicles of CHTZ will assist in mounting of power transmission line supports
CHTZ bulldozer was presented to Sudak
CHTZ machines are going to be “geologists”
The most powerful Chelyabinsk tractor will go to Pervouralsk.
CHTZ machine with a Chinese engine will be presented to the leadership of PRC
CHTZ bulldozers will build space harbor
CHTZ loaders will construct the facilities of national importance
CHTZ bulldozers are purchased in Vietnam
The Vietnam Corps are currently waiting for new ChTZ’s machines
ChTZ engineers advance facilities of the most powerful loader
The tractor made by ChTZ layed a course for Iturup
CHTZ machines go to Armenia
German bulldozer operator Jan Hofmann thanks ChTZ for presents
Chelyabinsk tractors to go to Inca country
CHTZ plans to boost production in 2.5 times
New ChTZ bulldozer efficiently works in Magadan region.
CHTZ bulldozers return to amelioration
CHTZ tractor twice been to the Antarctic
GLONASS is to watch CHTZ tractors
ChTZ shipped three B10M bulldozers to Vietnam.
Farmer bought an industrial CHTZ tractor for personal use
CHTZ shows a new bulldozer in Taman
ChTZ tractors go to island Bolshevik.
ChTZ shows bulldozer in uniform to the military.
ChTZ started recycling program.
ChTZ tractors to help in Latin-American engineers training
In October ChTZ completes shipment of bulldozers with hydraulic-mechanical transmission to Taimyr.
ChTZ bulldozers to work in melioration
High-rank Indian official thanks ChTZ for quality products
Cuban guests visited CHTZ looking for machinery to work in energy sphere
CHTZ bulldozer will make Bishkek cleaner
CHTZ tractor delivered to northern reindeer breeders with a helicopter
For the first time in modern history ChTZ equipment is sent to Latin America.
ChTZ stars in a popular TV-show about traveling.
ChTZ stars in a popular TV-show about traveling.
Large shipment with ChTZ spare parts sent to Mongolia
ChTZ products distributed across EU countries
ChTZ equipment arrived at the furthest Eastern village in Russia
ChTZ wheel loader is off to work and educate in Peru
A new dealer will represent ChTZ in the European Union
ChTZ presents a bulldozer and wheel loader in Moscow
ChTZ representative presented a tractor to Peruvian provincial governor
ChTZ returns to Indian tractor market
ChTZ tractor is to work on Mongolian power plant
ChTZ will lay a road through jungle
ChTZ equipment binds Armenian mountains with roads
Happy New 2018 Year!
ChTZ Armored Machines will be equipped with a Shaped-Charge Protective System
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant was used as a site for filming “Man fitted with a Bionic Eye Implant”
ChTZ produces “Sports” Tractors in Honor of World Football Championship
ChTZ will supply Construction Machines to Vietnam
ChTZ Bulldozer has been modified for using an Electronic Control System
ChTZ has developed a new Hydrostatic Drive Tractor
Happy New year!
ChTZ will raise the Mongolian Economics
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Sended Темо сообщения
Sended заголовок
Sended тема
Sended Тема сообщения
Sended тема новости
Sended тема новости
Sended тема новости
Sended Заголовок
Sended Любимый цвет
Sended Заголовок новости
Sended Заголовок
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Sended Бульдозер-рекордсмен
Sended ЧТЗ всегда «вытянет»
Sended Челябинский тракторный завод – Уралтрак подвел итоги 2005 г.
Sended test
Sended test
Sended тест
Sended тест
Sended тест
Sended VIII Московский международный форум "ДОРКОМЭКСПО-2006"
Sended Инструкцию по идентификации трактора
Sended «Серый рынок»: марка «УРБ» снаружи и изнутри.
Sended С августа 2005 г. ООО "ЧТЗ-УРАЛТРАК" возобновил выпуск малогабаритного трактора Т-0,2 "Уралец"
Sended Продажи поддельного трактора
Sended Корпоративные потребители
Sended Уполномоченные представители
Sended Еще раз о «серых» тракторах Т-10
Sended ЧТЗ наведет чистоту в России
Sended Промстройиндустрия-Астана - 2006
Sended ЧТЗ всегда «вытянет»
Sended Нас благодарят. Спасибо – от губернатора
Sended Оценка ФЕДЕРАЛЬНОЙ СЛУЖБЫ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ Российской Федерации
Sended Челябинский тракторный завод – Уралтрак подвел итоги 2005 г.
Sended В.М. Платонов – человек года.
Sended Proffi полюбили в Троицке
Sended Мы поставили тракторы в 17 стран
Sended "Трактор-герой" – в музее Вьетнама
Sended Бульдозер для Афганистана
Sended Челябинские тракторы будут строить Сангтудинскую ГЭС в Таджикистане
Sended Челябинские тракторы будут строить Сангтудинскую ГЭС в Таджикистане
Sended 7-я Международная специализированная выставка «СТТ / Строительная Техника и Технологии 2006»
Sended 1 июня - День открытых дверей на ЧТЗ
Sended Промтрак поселок кормит
Sended тема
Sended Выставка техники в честь именин
Sended ЧТЗ на СТТ
Sended Колесник для хлебороба
Sended Тест
Sended Проверка рассылки
Sended Проверка рассылки
Sended Вы любите жизнь? (тест)
Sended Успех - это не столько то, что мы имеем
Sended Факт недели
Sended Факт недели
Sended 5–я международная выставка вооружения, военной техники и боеприпасов
Sended Гендиректор ЧТЗ Валерий Платонов возглавил комитет Торгово-промышленной палаты РФ и вошел в состав ее президиума
Sended Наши бульдозеры едут на пожары.
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