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ChTZ equipment arrived at the furthest Eastern village in Russia
ChTZ-Uraltrac / News / ChTZ equipment arrived at the furthest Eastern village in Russia
ChTZ B10M bulldozer was shipped by order of municipal enterprise "Iceberg" to public utility workers of Chukotka district and got to hunting and reindeer breeding village Uelen on its own.
After the ChTZ machine had already covered several thousand kilometers on railroad to Vladivostok and then - by sea to Chukotka, the final part of its long trip the bulldozer delivered itself to the customer by its own effort. It started from Lavrentiya village and covered about 100 kilometers in nasty weather conditions until it reached the customer. In addition, the bulldozer was traveling together with tanker truck, which was bought by Chukotka utility workers to provide drinking water to local villagers.
According to "Anadyr news" website, the truck and the bulldozer crawled through rough snow-covered terrain for two days to reach the most Eastern populated locality called Uelen, which is located on Cape Dezhnev. The ordinary route for a mid-Russian driver became a long and difficult one in the northern winter conditions.
- The weather was favourable for the route when we just started, but then it gradually changed to worse - a snow storm started - tells us bulldozer operator Andrey Achivatin - we had to make long stops, but we knew that people were waiting for the equipment to arrive, so we kept on driving further together.
This trip reminded ChTZ workers the legendary "Snow march" in Yakutia in 1936, when ChTZ equipment made it through 1700 kilometers and delivered to the northerners vital supplies from ships frozen in the fleet of the Lena river. Despite the fact that the trips differ in length, they both show that ChTZ tractors, as 80 years earlier, can show their best sides in harsh weather conditions, thanks to their reliability.
The crawler machine in Uelen is the fourth bulldozer in the batch, shipped from the plant to Chukotka by order of local public utility workers. The first three tractors were shipped earlier to Lorino, Neshkan and Enurmino villages. The Neshkan tractor had to transported to customer by the largest Russian helicopter - Mi-26. The trip to Uelen was even more extreme, but ChTZ bulldozer successfully completed the northern challenge anyway.
According to Head of Sales (Far-East division) in ChTZ Anton Sokolov Chelyabinsk Bulldozers are used in the East by local utility workers to clear roads, collect garbage, to move coal in boiler rooms and as haulers. The new ChTZ equipment is bought under the municipal program that supports public utility service of Chukotka.
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