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ChTZ products distributed across EU countries - Chelyabinsk tractor plant (ChTZ)
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Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped a batch of tractor spare parts to trading partner in Czech Republic. The batch was packed and sealed in crates with phytosanitary control stamp.
The batch to Prague included filters, bearings, pins, pull-rods, cutting edges for bulldozer blades, gearboxes for B10 and T-170 tractors, that were shipped there earlier. These machines are still in use in Eastern Europe despite the countries are aimed to use equipment produced in the European Union.
ChTZ remains on markets of other European countries too. A Bulgarian company holds tender for shipment of engines for two ChTZ DET-250 tractors. Romanian coal workers are also interested in spare parts for the diesel-electric tractors. ChTZ dealer in Poland, specialized on capital repairs, needs spare parts for various crawler machines from Chelyabinsk.
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