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Large shipment with ChTZ spare parts sent to Mongolia - Chelyabinsk tractor plant (ChTZ)
ChTZ-Uraltrac / News / Large shipment with ChTZ spare parts sent to Mongolia
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped to Mongolia spare parts necessary for maintenance and repairs of B10 and T-170 bulldozers that came there earlier.
The shipment contains complete packages of D-180 engines, turbo-compressors, spacing rings, filters, bearings and other parts. The order came from ChTZ official distributor in Mongolia "Protehavtomatika" located in Ulan-Bator.
Last year, according to ChTZ export department representative Alexander Bedritski, trading partner bought a bulldozer by order of local coal quarry and also earlier the company bought ChTZ equipment for coal movement on power plant. This year partner also looks to provide Mongolian companies not only with spare parts, but with bulldozers too. An agreement with coal workers for another bulldozer is reached, also the dealer is going to need more spare parts for repairs. Now the dealer is forming a new list of parts to order from Chelyabinsk.
The already shipped parts will arrive in Mongolia at the end of March: road to Ulan-Bator is about 3 weeks long. After the shipment arrives, ChTZ trading partner will provide ChTZ equipment users in Mongolia with necessary parts, will be able to help users more efficiently by better maintaining ChTZ equipment.
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