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In October ChTZ completes shipment of bulldozers with hydraulic-mechanical transmission to Taimyr.
ChTZ-Uraltrac / News / In October ChTZ completes shipment of bulldozers with hydraulic-mechanical transmission to Taimyr.

Bach consisting of 7 bulldozers ChTZ will ship to "Nornickel".
The first two machines are already shipped, the rest five are going to be sent in the beginning of October.
According to ChTZ Head of Sales in Urals-Siberian region of Russia Artem Ezhkov, the bulldozers are going to work on nickel-ore mining site. There, so far North, in the conditions of permanent frost, ore is extracted both ways: in open quarries and in underground mines. Nevertheless, each way requires moving the ore after it is extracted. This is the work that our bulldozers equipped with rippers are going to do in the North. Taimyr is the furthest northern mainland part of Russia and whole Eurasia. Local temperatures can be as low as -60 degrees, which is a challenge for any piece of machinery.
"Nornickel" regularly buys bulldozers, tractors and pipe-layers from Chelyabinsk. This year the big client has already ordered several bulldozers with mechanical transmission. Mechanical transmission is common and popular in the North thanks to its reliability and simple design. Northern operators like to work with familiar equipment which can be easily and competently repaired and maintained in conditions of harsh climate, when operators and engineers count only on themselves.
That means that this very batch with HMT is special. For the first time ChTZ ships to Taimyr a whole batch of modern and ergonomic bulldozers with hydraulic-mechanical transmission: two B14 and five B11 models. Service engineers of "Nornickel" operating department will maintain bulldozers in their working state, as the department has experienced specialists and its own repair base on the peninsula. ChTZ sales department believes that the new bulldozers will show their best side in the conditions of the North, and operators will appreciate comfortable cabins and ergonomic HMT.
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