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Pyotr Sumin: ChTZ is on the make, ChTZ is risen
ChTZ-Uraltrac / Publication / Pyotr Sumin: ChTZ is on the make, ChTZ is risen
ChTZ is on the make, ChTZ is risen

On the 20th of September during the meeting of the Chelyabinsk District administration the General Director Valery Platonov spoke about the development prospects of “ChTZ-Uraltrac” Ltd. The Governor Pyotr Sumin appreciated highly the results of work on changing the plant-bankrupt to the dynamically growing enterprise with effective business.

The fact that the report of V.Platonov was the fifth one among 38 items on the agenda of the administration meeting indicates the ChTZ significance and its achievements. Before his speech the Governor called the ChTZ question as being “extremely interesting, creative and promising.”

The export potential

Pyotr Sumin, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk District:

– It is pleasant to see that today our ChTZ is on the make. Appraising the elapsed years I can say: this enterprise is risen. Today ChTZ not only runs. It has good perspective projects and stable groundwork: every-year growth of production volumes, about 2 billions of rubles of paid taxes, 20 thousands of employees, new machines and technical re-equipment. ChTZ became again a system enterprise forming a company town. The team of Valery Platonov feels cramped in Chelyabinsk: they work actively in Sverdlovsk District; they develop their business in Omsk and Altai. We appreciate that now they have the projects to produce the farm machinery: it is really in demand and we won’t get everything from abroad...

Everything that was attained by ChTZ is a result of the joint work of the employees headed by Valery Platonov and his team. And now during the administration meeting I would like to thank them and to wish still more significant achievements and progress.

Платонов общается с журналистами– During last years the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has been demonstrating its stable development, - the General Director noted. – The growth rate is twice the value of the industry average one. We succeeded in restoring the export in all Republics of the former Soviet Union including Georgia and the Baltic states. This is the best illustration of the actual recognition of the ChTZ label abroad. It wasn’t accidentally that according to the results of the last year the Ministry of the Economic Development and Trade called our plant as one of the best in RF three enterprises exporting their goods in the CIS countries.

– The special attention is concentrated on three regions where the ChTZ products are the most needed and competitive, - Valery Platonov emphasized. – These are India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and the other countries where the major development is in progress. Not long ago the plant has concluded the unprecedented agreements concerning the machinery deliveries in Indonesia and Vietnam.

The plant goes forward at a steady gait

Today ChTZ is a huge property complex: one and a half millions of square meters of the manufacturing areas, eighteen thousands units of the equipment. Over twenty thousands people work here. Over 160 juridical entities including 40 associated and dependent companies manufacture the various products, and among them the advanced technology products.

Valery Platonov considers “Stroimashina” Ltd as a striking example of an associated company successful work. This factory was moved to the ChTZ area; and now the exhibition center is founded in the empty shops at the Artilleriyskaya Street. “Stroimashina” has kept its stuff, products, brand and its defense order. Next year the fuel-servicing truck production volumes will rise by 2.5 times.

In 2007 “ChTZ-Uraltrac” increased its production volumes by more than 9 times. This year they total over ten billions of rubles in money terms. During last two years the sales volume has increased twice practically.

The taxes transferred timely to the budget have also increased – by 2.5 times. The wages are paid in time.

– For the time being we cannot be proud of our salary level, - Valery Platonov said. – But the monthly average wages paid in August (14 011 rubles) were higher than the average ones in Chelyabinsk.

Andrei KOSILOV, the First Deputy Governor:

–The policy advanced in our district and well pursued according to the Governor instructions is aimed at the revival of industry. Our efforts are really paid off. The enterprises being the most problem ones in the past show the results that seemed to be unachievable. ChTZ is the best example of one of the most complicated and global enterprises that has found its place in the contemporary economics; and now it develops and contributes to the development of Russia. I think that is a fitting answer to those who shed hypocritical tears, under its incompetence, on the ChTZ future. This future is inseparably related with the Chelyabinsk District fortune. Our political support (decision made by the Governor six years ago concerning the acquisition of a considerable share in “ChTZ-Uraltrac” Ltd) developed into the tax payments, the social stability in Tractorozavodskoi urban district and into the present capitalization of the enterprise.

Those who impel the plant to be sold understand clearly: yesterday ChTZ cost hundreds millions of rubles, today it amounts to hundreds millions of dollars and tomorrow it will cost billions. But the main thing is not its price: the bottom is the region economy development, paid taxes and work places – everything that turns modest millions of rubles invested in due time in this enterprise by the district into the billions. The plant achievements undoubtedly are to be kept and supported.

The output per a single ChTZ employee is almost twice the value of the analogue rate of the other enterprises of Russia. However, it is twice less than in the USA. In this connection as the General Director noticed the leaders set the task to increase the growth rate of the working efficiency.

For eight months the production volume amounted to 72 percents against 2006, and by the number of the manufactured machines – to 69 percents.

– In 2007 the expected production volume will come to about 11 billions 800 millions of rubles, – Valery Platonov reported. – By 2010 we are intended to increase it up to 24 billions of rubles.

The policy - the flexible manufacturing technologies

For the strategic task solution the ChTZ specialists have created the perspective development program. It is provided for the in-depth modernization of the serial machinery being in firm demand as well as for the product mix development: the development of the essentially new machines including these ones which have no analogues as well as the manufacture extension.

V.Platonov acquainted the district administration members with the ChTZ new promising models. These are the following machines: tractor T-10M2 with the outrigger bogie axle and balance final drives, more powerful bulldozer B-12, newly designed machine B-11 and pipe layers with hydraulic static drive. Besides, this is the machinery designed for the railroaders – DET-320 equipped with a winch and repair module “Uralets”.

The tractor DET-400 has no the analogues all over the world. Next year three wheeled loaders Proffi and new tractor diesel engines will be produced. However, the works require technical and technological re-equipment to develop successfully the new products.

– The difficulties, which the plant was going through, didn’t allow us investing heavily in the technical re-equipment. For the last five years we spent only 410 billions of rubles, – V.Platonov noticed. – But times are changing: the current year we spent already 1 billion 80 millions of rubles to purchase the latest manufacturing equipment. Considering the budgetary financing up to 2015 the plant specialists developed the projects providing for the investments of 5.5 billions of rubles aimed to create the production technologies of the tank and civil engines. The next three – five years we are intended to spend 11.5 billions of rubles for the technique.

The special attention will be concentrated at three key production areas: the engine plant where the high-technology equipment will be applied, the welded construction production where any type of machinery can be mastered by the flexible technologies, the foundry and forging plants where the latest molding technologies are implemented.

For the time being the ChTZ product output volume by the state defense order does not exceed 10 percents. But the 1000-powered tank engines that in the conditions of the competitive production were developed for re-equipment ensured the entering into the contract with India. These engines became a significant help for the enterprise. Due to them the second contract with India is at conclusion, the agreement with Algeria is signed, the contract with Saudi Arabia and Libya are executing. As a result the engine plant will be secured with the orders for seven years.

Vladimir DYATLOV, the First Deputy Governor of District:

– When in 2001 we were analyzing the situation and thought the way to change the bankruptcy proceedings to the new “ChTZ–Uraltrac” Ltd I doubted much that the plant could be profitable enterprise. At that time it was hard to believe. But today I can say that the difficult task set for the ChTZ leaders is performed successfully. The current year results show that the ChtZ leaders understand clearly their prospects, they know the way to obtain the results and they realize persistently the stipulated program.

The decision concerning the ChTZ property complex division into two parts as well as the establishment of the industrial park “Tractorozavodskoi” allowed hundreds of the enterprises to obtain the manufacturing capacities having developed the new work places and the taxable base. It means that the plant didn’t sit on this property complex like a dog in a manger but on the contrary the leaders has found the effective method to take advantage of it – for the plant, for the city and for the district.

We are going to solve the existing personnel and social problems of ChTZ together with the enterprise leaders arm in arm. We are actively cooperating already within the limits of trilateral committee on the social partnership and PROMASS. I believe that for many enterprises the successful work of ChTZ should be an example.

The cooperation projects

The Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is again a system forming enterprise. The plant cooperates with the factory “Omsktransmach”: the ChTZ leaders plan to invest in its tractor production about 400 millions of rubles per a year. Later, according to the mutual agreement with the military-industrial commission the Chelyabinsk specialists will help to arrange the repair and to modernize the tanks T-80 having been produced there. Another new area is the production of an agricultural crawler tractor together with the Altai factory what about our newspaper reported yet.

We replace the pipelines and the power grids

The General Director of the industrial park “Tractorozavodskoi” Igor Serbinov spoke to the administration members as the reader of the supplementary report.

- At the end of 2005, – he reminded, - we made a decision to separate the industrial park out the ChTZ structure, where the enterprise works main funds were transferred. It allowed us to concentrate at the development of the production area. This year, for the first time in ten years, the scaled infrastructure works were undertaken: we replaced the supply pipelines and about ten percents of the power grids.

To the end of this year the total volume of the infrastructure investments is planned to be about 250 millions of rubles. In 2007, according to I.Serbinov, one and half billion of rubles will be invested in the enterprise development together with the capital construction.

The Governor supported ChTZ

Посетив ЧТЗ Сумин остался доволен его работой

During the meeting of the administration the ChTZ leaders raised the question concerning the need for the enterprise support to realize the investment projects, to obtain the low credits and the lease resources for its further development.

The joint efforts of the plant and the Department of Education and Science of the district are also required in the questions of the effective training of the skilled workers.

The personnel deficit can be reduced if the plant would start again the housing construction. To reduce the cost of one square meter ChTZ suggests applying its engineering networks for the construction of several domestic houses close to the enterprise – outside the sanitary protection zone.

The General Director Valery Platonov touched upon the transport problem of the Tractorozavodskoi urban district. He suggested returning to the construction of the Severo-Vostok circular trolley line where over one hundred men live.

Evgeniy TEFTELEV, the Minister of Industry and Natural Resources of the Chelyabinsk District:

– The example of ChTZ is a real success in the area of the financial rehabilitation of the major industrial enterprises. The bankruptcy proceedings are finished; the plant is on the make and demonstrates good financial and economical results. In no small measure the district leaders favored it.

ChTZ seeks persistently to integrate in the innovative projects of federal level – the fact, which meets out approval.

The Governor of the District supported the suggestions of the ChTZ leaders concerning the stuff training and the construction of the affordable housing for the plant workers and employees. As for the transport problem, in the opinion of Pyotr Sumin, we need not only the trolleybuses but good roads also, especially in connection with construction of the new micro urban district in Churilovo. He charged the leaders of the profile ministries to prepare their offers concerning all cited problems.

Seventy-fifth anniversary of ChTZ will be a great occasion for the district. In this connection the special resolution of the Governor is prepared.

Issued in “Chelyabinsk Tractor”, No 38, the 28th of September, 2007, Vsevolod SMIRNOV

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