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The future of ChTZ is for youth
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ChTZ becomes more and more attractive for the beginners

Study well, student, we’ll help you!

From year to year the social package of the tractor plant employees puts on its weight. It offers quite a number of the incentives for the youth that cannot be found in many other companies.

The future of ChTZ is for youth

– In September 179 students from various cities and region districts began their studies in the plant education center, – tells the ChTZ Deputy General Director of Personnel Development and Social Programs Department, Oleg Kosykh. – Besides free education and sought-after qualifications of turner, electrician, equipment repairman they will be secured with scholarship and trainee salary: in total it comes to six thousands rubles per a month. The factory is ready to spend such amount of money on every beginner on condition that a student studies well, works and maintains labor discipline. And to keep the youth at our enterprise we shall pay in addition the following three years: till they become the real professionals with good salary. ChTZ needs badly in young specialists; therefore we pay their studies in the universities and technical schools by professions being essential for the plant. We are intended to sign the agreements also with the core technical training institutions. The present day we pay an allowance from five to seven and half rubles to the young specialists.

While the beginners were preparing for their professional studies, the experienced plant workers saw their children off the usual schools. On the first of September not all mothers went to work but they would not be fired because of the truancy; on the contrary: this day would be paid to every working woman having a child studying from the first to the fourth classes. By the way, all first graders of the parents working at the plant received the gifts for the first of September.

Every family is supported from the very first day

The Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant gives an incentive to the youth from their first steps behind the clockhouse: you returned from the army to the plant – take five thousands ruble as an allowance, you are getting married – take three paid holiday days, and one day is for a father of newborn. When a baby will grow up and will go to the kindergarten the enterprise will also help to pay for it: 25 percents will be reimbursed to each parent, and 50 percents – to a single one.

The support of the working mothers is a separate subject. When being in maternity leave, every woman gets paid additionally to the sum of two thousands rubles, and after childbirth – five thousands rubles. The tractor plant was one of the first factories in Chelyabinsk Region, which began to conduct such corporative policy on improving the population situation. Otherwise how can the workers dynasties be kept! And until this time: are there much companies in our region especially private ones where the employees having children are not considered as undesirable ones and are welcomed in every possible way? For instance, the plant employee being on parental leave up to three years gets paid at the amount of 200 rubles per a month. Two holiday weeks which are not paid are allowed at any convenient time for those who have two children and more up to the age of fourteen. A single mother has the right for this benefit even if she has a single child, and the parents of a disabled person can take advantage of the additional holiday days right up to the 18th birthday of their child. And as for the New Year’s gifts for children – it goes without saying.

In a word, the young families are given every financial support from ChTZ. And there are enough moral incentives to do the best: every year the best from the best are awarded with the plant prizes – they are presented to different awards and gifts. Quite a few of entertainments are also conducted. For instance form year to year the beauty contest for nomination “miss” and “mister” of ChTZ enjoys wide popularity more and more, and the KVN factory team (Club of Cheerful and Ready-Witted) is one of the best in Tractorozavodskoy district.

From dormitory accommodations to flats

From the beginning of the year the quantity of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant employees at the age up to 35 years old increased by 5 percents

This year ChTZ approached the housing problem – the most topical one for the youth. The man dormitory accommodation for 320 places is prepared for reconstruction. It fact, it will be changed into a comfortable hotel with the double rooms. The woman dormitory accommodation is under repair. An accommodation for the plant shift workers is under construction. The enterprise leaders try to restore the good heritage: if you are engaged you have right to a dormitory accommodation.

Unfortunately now it is not possible to obtain a free flat but here, at ChTZ, they are always glad to support the youth when buying the longed-for square meters. It is not by a mere chance as noticed Oleg Kosykh, that for the last months over thirty plant employees have processed documents to take part in the program “Accommodation for the young people” for 2006 – 2010 – it’s a third part of all Chelyabinsk applicants!

And the so-called “plant mortgage” becomes more real, too. It seems that the plant employees will be the first ones who will move into the new micro-district in Churilovo. An alternative is considered: ChTZ would help the employees to make the initial installment to buy a flat and then to settle accounts with the native enterprise on favorable terms. According to the preliminary calculations the flats purchased with the support of an enterprise would be cheaper by 20 percents approximately for the tractor plant employees than for the other buyers.

– We restore these good traditions that we had here at ChTZ before the dislocation in the nineties; and besides, we accept in our social arsenal things required by new time, – Oleg Kosykh resumes. – The plant is on the up grade; the young people see it and seek to get the job. In answer we try to work in the way to make the beginners the cadre tractor builders laying emphasis on youth in our corporate programs.

In 2007 the plant has spent:

  • for health improvement and recreation of the workers – 7 millions rubles
  • for subsidies on children care in the Municipal Child Care Institution – 1 million 400 thousands rubles
  • for education on the enterprise – 1 million 155 thousands rubles
  • for mothers lump-sum grants – 600 thousands rubles
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