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ChTZ will raise the Mongolian Economics - Chelyabinsk tractor plant (ChTZ)
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Two B10M0101E1 bulldozers manufactured by Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (UVZ Group, Rostech State Corporation) are now employed in Mongolian Republic. They are designed as classical serial mechanical drive machines with an own D-180 diesel engine. They are equipped with an enlarged coverage dozer. Such kind of a dozer blade is required for moving coal at the heat and power plant, Erdenet.
Need to say that this is not the first ChTZ machine supplied to the Mongolian power engineering companies with the participation of the partner - Promtechavtomatic Company. Such tractors have acquired a good reputation in Mongolia and, therefore, Chelyabinsk bulldozers are purchased by the Mongolian power engineering companies for the period of more than ten years. Once, they tried to use Chinese units but thereafter they had to reject them. They came to the opinion to return to the Russian machines since they are more suitable for moving coal. Power engineering companies give their preference to mechanical drive tractors with an own engine due to an extended operation experience. Besides, there are service stations intended for maintenance of B10 tractors only.
Zhargal Bayasgalan, Director of Promtechavtomatic, has wined the contract with power engineering companies and he is now an official dealer who supplies machines for more than ten years. He annually purchases ChTZ machines and spare parts. He is responsible for servicing machines in Mongolia for a warranty period and after it. And now a lot of tractor spare parts have been delivered to Ulan-Bator under the order placed by his company.
"Bulldozers are delivered to Mongolian Republic as semi knocked-down units. A cab, blade and push arms are removed so that it is suitable to carry them by motor transport. The dealer mounts and commissions units on-site", - said Alexander Bedritsky, Chief Specialist of the Export ChTZ Office.


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