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ChTZ has developed a new Hydrostatic Drive Tractor - Chelyabinsk tractor plant (ChTZ)
ChTZ-Uraltrac / News / ChTZ has developed a new Hydrostatic Drive Tractor
A new B20 bulldozer with a hydrostatic transmission (HST) has been developed at Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (UVZ Group, Rostech State Corporation).
This is the first machine to be designed as a 20 drawbar category bulldozer. It is to take up an intermediate position between serial B14 bulldozers (drawbar category - 15) and DET-400 bulldozers (drawbar category - 25). Its weight parameters are to be rated similarly, as well. The B20 bulldozer equipped with a dozer blade and ripper will have the weight of maximum 35 tons (B14 weight - 24.5 tons, DET-400 weight - 46 tons).
Though a "twenty" has considerable dimensions, it is designed so that to run slowly and gradually. As compared with mechanical and hydromechanical drive machines, no gearbox is used in this bulldozer. A hydrostatic drive tractor is driven by a variable-speed gear. Its diesel engine actuates final drive hydraulic motors on driving wheels. Power is distributed with fluid flow feed adjusted by an electronic controller - i.e. an on-board computer.
Thanks to hydrostatics, this bulldozer can employ a number of extra opportunities. The first thing is maneuverability and capacity to turn around in one place. The HST bulldozer can move earth along any curved trajectory - without back-and-forth straight-line motions made by mechanical and hydromechanical drive machines. This kind of maneuverability makes it possible to save fuel and to increase performance. But there are some additional hydrostatics requirements to be followed by operators.
"There were some foreign manufacturers identified as the first ones who tried to introduce hydrostatic transmission in road building machines after World War II. Liebherr manufacturers were the very pioneers who tried to use this kind of technology. John Deere took the same course. Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers involved HST machines to expand customer-specific options. So, they supplemented hydromechanical drive machines with the above options while preferentially using hydromechanical transmission since it is featured in the market with better maintainability and serviceability.
Today, a customer would rather use hydrostatic drive machines and we respond to such preference. It is scheduled that the experimental B20 machine will be produced in the first three-monthly period of 2019. The pilot HST machine will be followed by other category machines thereby widening a range of bulldozers and newly designed units" - said Vershinsky Leonid, Design Manager of Special Design Department.


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