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ChTZ tractor is to work on Mongolian power plant - Chelyabinsk tractor plant (ChTZ)
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Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has shipped to Ulan-Bator its B10M.0100E1 bulldozer. Customer sent a specially ordered truck to deliver it - the truck loaded with the tractor will travel nearly 5000 kilometers.
Bulldozer, shipped to Mongolia, has mechanical transmission and by the customer's order equipped with electric starter (now it's an option, basic tractors are equipped with starting engine). Another peculiarity - blade with increased dragging prism - designed especially for coal moving. This is necessary for better performance because the bulldozer is going to work on coal yard of Mongolian power plants.
The shipment succeeded because the tender purchase, started by Mongolian power engineers, was won by ChTZ selling partner - "Promtechautomatics". The company works with ChTZ since the beginning of 2000s and many times shipped different ChTZ equipment to Mongolia. Even this year the company has shipped several batches of spare parts to Mongolian customers.
ChTZ dealer itself prepares crawler machines for working, provides maintenance service, so the dealer achieved the reputation of a reliable supplier and constant partner. This along with capabilities of the supplied equipment has led to victory in the competition between ChTZ and several other huge manufacturers.
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