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10/10/07 - Admired like children
Having been to the shops of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant the legendary hockey players Viktor Tikhonov, Sergey Babinov, Nikolai and Sergey Makarov appreciated the plant power.

09/10/07 - The future of ChTZ is for youth
From the beginning of the year the quantity of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant employees at the age up to 35 years old increased by 5 percents

09/10/07 - ChTZ wins tender
The Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant will deliver 263 engineering machines and spare parts in Turkmenistan to the total amount of 22 millions dollars.

02/10/07 - Valery Platonov is the best manager
The General Director of ChTZ Valery Platonov was a single representative of the Chelyabinsk District in the nomination “Engineering Industry” who became one of the leaders of the prestigious rating “Top-1000 of Russian Managers”

02/10/07 - “Little Dragon” will try on the ChTZ tracks
The Chelyabinsk tractor specialists, the first ones among their Russian colleagues, will pass on their technologies to Vietnam

01/10/07 - Pyotr Sumin: ChTZ is on the make, ChTZ is risen
On the 20th of September during the meeting of the Chelyabinsk District administration the General Director Valery Platonov spoke about the development prospects of “ChTZ-Uraltrac” Ltd.

31/01/07 - Export-2006. From Kazakhstan to India
In 2006 the proceeds from export sales of the ChTZ products came to 1 163 845 000 rubles. This is the highest amount realized during the latest history of the enterprise.

17/01/07 - CMM Measuring Any Part
The open tender for a contract for delivery of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to the engine plant was held.

15/01/07 - Concern for Children
By the decision of the General Director of ChTZ, the Deputy of the Regional Legislative Assembly Valery Platonov

12/01/07 - Successful Auditing
The specialists of the Moscow Road-Transport Institute conducted the external audit ...

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