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31/01/07 - Export-2006. From Kazakhstan to India
In 2006 the proceeds from export sales of the ChTZ products came to 1 163 845 000 rubles. This is the highest amount realized during the latest history of the enterprise.

17/01/07 - CMM Measuring Any Part
The open tender for a contract for delivery of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to the engine plant was held.

15/01/07 - Concern for Children
By the decision of the General Director of ChTZ, the Deputy of the Regional Legislative Assembly Valery Platonov

12/01/07 - Successful Auditing
The specialists of the Moscow Road-Transport Institute conducted the external audit ...

29/12/06 - Bulldozers are delivered to the North
Last week in Usinsk the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant exhibited its latest bulldozer models at the exhibition “OilGasExpo”. The manufacturers of the richest region of the Russian North expressed their keen interest in the models

29/12/06 - New Equipment for OJSC RZhD
The Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant with PKB TcV OJSC “RZhD” collaboration designed a self-propelled repair module on the base of the small-sized tractor “Uralets” to perform repair of the freight cars in conditions of Maintenance Center and Car Preparation Center.

20/12/06 - ChTZ Set Up Two More Storehouses in The Regions
“Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - Uraltrac” Ltd continue developing its storehouses’ system in the Russian regions.

16/12/06 - Industry Needs Government Support
Just a few days ago the 5th Conference of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Russian Federation was held in Moscow.

08/12/06 - Bulldozer Navigates in Kuban
OJSC “Kuban River Steam Navigation” purchased the bulldozer B-10, and the company “Krasnodarnephtegaz” concluded the agreement with ChTZ concerning the performance testing of the skimmer NS-16.

29/11/06 - We Proved Ourselves in China
ChTZ-Uraltrac participated in the Russian National Exhibition in Beijing. This exhibition, the largest one whenever held during the history of bilateral relations between two countries, was the completion event of a year performed by Russia in China.

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