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07/09/16 - ChTZ tractors go to island Bolshevik.
Batch containing 6 ChTZ bulldozers is shipped to polar geologists. The machines are to do planning works on island Bolshevik, part of.

18/08/16 - CHTZ shows a new bulldozer in Taman
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant presented B11.8000 bulldozer on recent Taman equipment exhibition, which was part of the final stage of competition between road-construction sphere workers in Russia and their skills “Best in profesion-2016”.

06/07/16 - Farmer bought an industrial CHTZ tractor for personal use
Chelyabinsk tractor plant shipped to Saratov region in Russia a bulldozer equipped with a stump-puller. These tractors were developed for foresters, road and pipe-construction workers who need to clear the territory and remove stumps.

16/06/16 - ChTZ shipped three B10M bulldozers to Vietnam.
- ChTZ together with company-dealer Nga Phat has won a tender to ship its equipment to Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The equipment shipped according to a signed agreement are supposed to be used by a Vietnamese natural resources mining company, informs ChTZ Head of overseas sales Vladimir Klein.

04/05/16 - GLONASS is to watch CHTZ tractors
In May CHTZ is going to ship to Russian oil and gas workers a big batch of satellite-controlled machinery.

14/04/16 - CHTZ tractor twice been to the Antarctic
CHTZ B10M bulldozer owned by Far-East sea steamship company has twice participated in expeditions to Antarctica during several months.

23/03/16 - CHTZ bulldozers return to amelioration
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped six bulldozers to regional departments of Russian state-financed institution “Specmeliovodkhoz”, that is included into amelioration department of Agriculture Ministry of Russian Federation. Earlier CHTZ had won competition to claim the rights for the contract.

14/03/16 - New ChTZ bulldozer efficiently works in Magadan region.
B11.6000EN bulldozer, produced on Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, is shipped to the northern region to “Magadanenergo” company. The equipment is already working on coal fields of a local central heating and power plant. Magadan specialists say that the ChTZ bulldozer does well.

15/01/16 - CHTZ plans to boost production in 2.5 times
Entering 2016 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has vast opportunities to increase the amounts of production. Currently Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has accumulated enough assets to buy more supplies used for production. The amounts of operating assets have increased, and this is very important for boosting production.

10/12/15 - Chelyabinsk tractors to go to Inca country
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant singed a dealership agreement with Peru-based company Vostok-Sur Export-Import and now it is going to represent ChTZ products in the South American country. The ceremony took place in Piura, a large town with population over half a million where our new partner’s office is located.

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