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25/05/17 - ChTZ presents a bulldozer and wheel loader in Moscow
ChTZ as part of Uralvagonzavod exposition is going to take part in the international exhibition “Construction Equipment and Technologies” in Moscow.

18/05/17 - A new dealer will represent ChTZ in the European Union
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has signed dealership agreement with a Hungarian company “Paragraph”. The company is going to promote ChTZ not only in Hungary, but also in other countries, where it has any connections, for instance in the Middle East.

21/03/17 - ChTZ wheel loader is off to work and educate in Peru
Chelyabinsk tractor plant shipped PK-55 wheel loader to Peru, to its official dealer - Vostok-Sur Export-Import company. This is the first ChTZ wheel equipment shipment to Latin America.

10/03/17 - ChTZ products distributed across EU countries
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped a batch of tractor spare parts to trading partner in Czech Republic. The batch was packed and sealed in crates with phytosanitary control stamp.

01/03/17 - Large shipment with ChTZ spare parts sent to Mongolia
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped to Mongolia spare parts necessary for maintenance and repairs of B10 and T-170 bulldozers that came there earlier.

21/02/17 - ChTZ equipment arrived at the furthest Eastern village in Russia
ChTZ B10M bulldozer was shipped by order of municipal enterprise “Iceberg” to public utility workers of Chukotka district and got to hunting and reindeer breeding village Uelen on its own.

10/01/17 - For the first time in modern history ChTZ equipment is sent to Latin America.
Chelyabinsk tractor plant signed an agreement to ship PK-55 wheel loader to Peru. The agreement is signed with company Vostok-Sur Export-Import, which nowadays represents ChTZ products in the South-American country. This is going to the first ChTZ shipment to the Inca country since the USSR.

20/12/16 - ChTZ stars in a popular TV-show about traveling.
Chelyabinsk tractor plant is the only South Ural industrial company to take part in filming the traveling and cuisine NTV-Channel TV-show starring charming and crazy about Russia John Warren.

28/11/16 - CHTZ bulldozer will make Bishkek cleaner
Chelyabinsk Tractor plant made an agreement on shipping a B12 bulldozer to Kirgizia. The machine will work on sanitary polygon in the Republic capital.

18/11/16 - Cuban guests visited CHTZ looking for machinery to work in energy sphere
Representatives of Cuban company “Energoinmport” and Russian “Inter RAO – Export” visited CHTZ to see its products and capabilities and discuss prospects of cooperation with management of the plant. The companies are currently working on developing a high-scale project aimed at building in the Republic of Cuba 4 major power plants with total output of 800 megawatts.

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