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Bulldozer B10M (MT)
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This modification is the result of the sequential and systematic work on improvement of the output products. It is the further modernization of the tractors Т10 (Т-170). The main engineering innovative design:

  • improvement of the power parameters of dozer equipment hydraulic drive. The use of the long-stroke hydraulic cylinders allowed decreasing the working pressure in the hydraulic system to 40% that had a favorable effect on the service life. The outrigger fastening points of the hydraulic cylinders decreased the blade deepening and lifting force, and increased its displacement speed and accuracy. These design changes completed the suspension balance beam design developed earlier for serial production. As a result the assembly weight is used in full when the tractor Т-10М is operated;
  • change of engine bay assembly ensured the free access to the engine in its front part, that makes the maintenance easier;
  • the new construction of the semispherical blade set on the tractor T-10M allows increasing the dozer efficiency up to 20% when operating on the grounds of 1-3 density category.

The tractor with bulldozer and loosening equipment B10M is designed to develop the grounds of I-III category without preliminary loosening, the grounds of IV category with preliminary loosening as well as the fractured rocks and frozen grounds. It can be operated in the conditions of temperate and cold climate at the ambient temperatures from plus 40 to minus 50 C at the height up to 3000 m over the sea level, at the high dustiness level as well as in conditions of tropical climate (tropical design).

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Theoretical traction-speed characteristic


Base Design

power of the engine D180 - 132 kW
running gear design according to the road wheel number - 6 or 5
engine starting system design - electric starting or starting engine P-23U
applied attached implement (rigid or swinging type)
bulldozer and loosening equipment from among the provided ones
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