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Diesel Engine D 180
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Diesel Engine D 180

d180_178 The diesel engines D 180 are designed to be mounted on the tractors, excavators, lifting cranes, diesel generator sets and on the other machines. The long operating experience, the up-to-date technical solutions as well as the production advanced technology provided high reliability of the efficient and long-run diesel engines of ChTZ designed to be operated under the hardest conditions in the various climatic zones at the temperatures from -40°С to +40° С.
The diesel engine D 180 is multifuel. It can be run as on the diesel fuel as on the kerosene or the gas condensate.

The diesel engines D 180 correspond to the European standards EURO-2 by the emission level of pollutant with exhaust gases.


Diesel engine type four-stroke with turbocharging, 4-cylinder in-line
Cylinder diameter, mm 150.0
Piston stroke, mm 205.0
Capacity, l 14.48
Torque margin, % 25
Fuel rate, g/kW*h (g/hp*h) 218 (160)
Diesel engine start-up with electric starter or starting motor
Weight with electric starter, kg 1890
Weight with starting motor, kg 2095
Dimensions, mm:
   - length 1730
   - width 1190
   - height 1730
Two-stage air cleaner:
   - first stage multicyclone with automatic dusting;
   - second stage paper filtering elements.
Cooling system liquid
Lubricating system combined with a full-flow filter with interchangeable paper elements

The diesel engines with power from 103 kW (140 hp) to 132 kW (180 hp) are produced as the various complete sets having regard to the features of a machine on which a diesel engine is mounted.

The following commercial models are offered to complete the various machines:

Model Operating power, kW (hp) Speed, rpm Starting system
D 180.100-6 132 (180) 1250 Electric starter
D 180.101-6 132 (180) 1250 Starting unit
D 180.120-6 103 (140) 1070 Electric starter
D 180.121-6 103 (140) 1070 Electric starter

The diesel engines of any power from 80 hp to 210 hp with the turbochargers TKR 8,5S and TKR 11N3 (manufactured by "ChTZ-Uraltrac", Ltd.) or K-27 (manufactured in Czechia) are produced by customer request. The diesel engines of power from 80 hp to 120 hp can be shipped without a turbocharger.

The generator and the device gauges are mounted on all these models. The accelerator and the service kit are put on them. The exterior start-up socket is shipped with the diesel engines with the electric starter. The cooler set can be shipped by the customer request as well as the systems of smooth start-up and of the starting preheater providing with the diesel engine safety start-up in winter can be installed.

The diesel engines D 180.000-5 (with the electric starter) and D 180.001-5 (with the starting unit) are designed for the diesel generator plants of power up to 100 kW. They are equipped with the reduction gear providing with the generator speed 1500 rpm and with the pump special governor.

The diesel engine D-180 can be applied together with the station designed for transmission of liquids. For instance, it can provide with the liquid supply up to 400m3/h with pressure 40 m when used together with the pump 1D500.

The following diesel engine models are manufactured as the spare parts:


Model Operating power, kW (hp) Speed, rpm Starting system Designation
D180.000-4 132 (180) 1250 Electric starter For a tractor with hydraulic mechanical transmission
D180.001-4 132(180) 1250 Starting engine
D180.100-4 132(180) 1250 Electric starter For a tractor with mechanical transmission
D180.120-4 103(140) 1070
D180.101-4 132(180) 1250 Starting engine
D180.121-4 103(140) 1070

The works on the diesel engine improvement are constantly carried out. Recently the following parts are used:

- the high-quality phosphate liners and the anodized pistons manufactured by the Kamski Motor Factory and provided with reliable operation of the piston-cylinder assembly;

- the piston rings manufactured by STAPRI (the city of Stavropol) specified by high precision and provided with the low consumption of fuel and oil;

- the carburetor K-125L is applied for the starting engine; it provides with the safety start-up at any season (Fig.1);

- the ball-type release bearings and the disk with the additional rivets (Fig.2) in the clutch of the starting unit to increase the reliability of the friction strap fastening on the disc (Fig.3). The disc service life is increased by 1.5 times;

- the starter with a flanged fastening is mounted on the diesel engines with electric start-up; it excludes the starter axial displacement and provides with the reliable engagement of the starter pinion with diesel engine flywheel rim (Fig.4). It decreases the unit weight by 7 kg;

- the double-action thermostat is installed in the cooling system filled with the antifreeze. The thermostat closes the by-pass after the diesel engine has been heated (Fig.5) to increase the efficiency (Fig.5);

- the rubber-frame sealing gland of starting engine crankshaft prevents from oil leakage from the diesel engine to the clutch;

- the fluorine-rubber gland mounted on the diesel engine crankshaft tip ensures the reliable sealing at the oil high temperatures (Fig.6);

- the oil vertical drainage from the turbocharger to the diesel engine casing provides with the oil complete drainage even during the operation at the high inclinations;

- the forced bearings are applied in the fan drive (as for the straight as for the return flow); they provide with the high reliability (Fig.7);

- the up-to-date seals (silicon, fluorine rubber) and the sealing (КЛТ-75Т, Polisil, Anaterm) materials;

- the oil pressure control in the main manifold is mounted outside on the filter casing; the filtering element clogging signaling device (Fig.8) is applied;

- the pump МЗН-4 is applied on all diesel engines (equipped with the electric starting system and with П-23У);

- the fuel pump with the circulation lubrication system. It provides with the reliable lubrication of the fuel pump and governor as well as simplifies the diesel engine maintenance (Fig.9);

- the fluorine-rubber gland in the 5th main bearing seal provides with the reliable sealing even when operating at the high inclinations;

- the drain valves in the crankcase excluding the oil losses when draining as well as making easier the oil draining;

- the staring preheater ПЖД-30 for the diesel engine heating ensuring the diesel engine reliable start-up at the ambient temperature up to minus 40°С;

- the power limiter on the high-pressure fuel pump to provide with the normal run-in of the diesel engine parts during the first 50 service hours;

- the smoke limiter decreases the exhaust smoke emissions due to the optimization of fuel feeding depending on the diesel engine air input;

- the shock absorbers are mounted under the diesel engine supports (on the tractors equipped with the hydraulic mechanical transmission) to avoid the operator seat vibrating.


The works performed at the Plant are aimed to achieve the conformity of the diesel engine features to the up-to-date requirements as well as to meet the customer's needs.

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