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B10M2 Bulldozer
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B10M2 bulldozer of the 10 traction class with hydromechanical transmission is an up-to-date modification of the bulldozer of B10М type, which efficiency is equal to the best domestic and world analogues, while the initial cost is essentially lower. The complex of actions which has provided improvement of working conditions of the operator is introduced into design and has increased reliability of the most crucial units. Final drives and the forward-type axes of bogies swinging are introduced.

Categories of ground without loosening: I-III. A category of ground with preliminary loosening: over the III.

B10M2 Bulldozer B10M2 Bulldozer
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Operator Workplace

cabin B10M2 Bulldozer

Sophisticated interior of a cabin with double-glazing units, the cabin is equipped with a heater - fan " ZENIN-8000 " which employs the warmth of the cooling liquid, easy-to-use arrangement of controls of the tractor and attached implements, sprung and adjustable seat, sun-protection blind, well readable instrument panel provide a comfortable working environment for the operator and enable the operator to work with high efficiency


Hydromechanical gear provides automatic adjustment of tractive forces in accordance with corresponding external loads; continuous gear shift, quick reverse and decreased dynamic loads in power train.

Running gear

The life of running gear has been increased due to the carrier rollers with slide bearings and Duo Cone sealings, which provide leakage - free operation of the rollers.

Torque converter

(for D-180M1engine) provides automatic smooth adjustment of the speed and torque of the output shaft
Torque converter B10M2 Bulldozer

Torque converter unit

(for YaMZ-236N3 engine) with a reducer of hydraulic pumps drives of the attached implements and transmission control
Torque converter unit B10M2 Bulldozer

Planetary gear box

has 3 forward gears and 3 reverse gears with hydraulic shifting of gears and a reverse
Planetary gear box B10M2 Bulldozer

Planetary modular final drive and steering clutches

with ceramic-metal disks have solved a problem of reliability of a tractor with the increased traction
Planetary modular final drive B10M2 Bulldozer

Duo Cone type self-tightening sealing

With rubber sealing rings from fluorine-silicone rubber and metal rings
Duo Cone type self-tightening sealing B10M2 Bulldozer

Carrier rollers with slide bearings

classically designed, the bronze is used as an antifriction material.
Carrier rollers B10M2 Bulldozer

Segments of driving wheels

are fastened to the hub wheels with bolts and are made by forging with thermal enhancement and hardening of working surfaces which result in longer service life and easy replacement.
Segments of driving wheels B10M2 Bulldozer

Track shoe

made from steel, featured by high physical-mechanical properties, fastened by special bolts.
Track shoe B10M2 Bulldozer

The basic advantages of ChTZ bulldozers are:

a wide range of optional outfit:

  • a wide range of engine models: YaMZ, D-180
  • a wide range of start-up system: the starting engine, an electrostarter
  • a wide range of the bulldozer equipment: semispherical, expanded semispherical, spherical, straight, angling, etc.
  • a wide range of additional options (various climatic modifications: tropical, northern with a prestarting heater, an auxiliary and independent heater of a cabin, cabin double-glazing units and etc.)

High maintainability:

  • spare parts at the acceptable prices are available in regions, regional factory warehouses of spare parts and equipment and the guarantee centers
  • an opportunity of repair on-site without transportation to the repair base, under field conditions

The minimal operational expenses of ChTZ equipment in comparison with domestic and foreign analogues (the minimal cost price of excavation of a cubic meter of ground, the minimal cost price of machine-hour, the minimal expenses for replacement of wearing elements).

The minimal initial cost of new units in comparison with competitors due to the optimal concentration of production, mass serial production and the organized ducts of delivery.

The minimal cost of the complete set of the wearing elements, with comparable to domestic and foreign analogues reliability and life of replaceable units and details.

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