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B 14 Bulldozer
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B 14 Bulldozer is designed for a wide range of works in construction, melioration, mining, oil and gas and other branches of industry, for a large amount of earth-moving works at a wide range of ambient temperatures (±50° С) and excavation of various grounds including frozen, rock and grounds with high humidity.

B 14 Bulldozer B 14 Bulldozer
B 14 Bulldozer

Considering the pattern of B14 bulldozer use, engineering solutions, which have been proven on bulldozers of the previous families, were applied to B14 bulldozer design along with the unique solutions, which were applied to the bulldozer main systems.
High tractive forces are provided due to the significant changes in the design of the tractor running gear. The tractor track is increased by 200 mm (2080 mm) which enables to mount track shoes with the width up to 560 mm or 690 mm. The length of the ground contact area is increased up to 3182 mm due to the mounting of track bogies with seven carrier rollers on slide bearings. On the basis of this tractor with the track, increased up to 2280 mm, a marsh version, featured by high flotation ability and with the shoes up to 900 mm, can be produced.
This bulldozer is equipped with the V-shaped, six cylinder, diesel YaMZ-236B-4 engine with 130x140 mm dimension with 230 hp nominal power at 1800 rpm. The engine is equipped with the supercharger and liquid-oil heat exchanger for oil cooling. Specific fuel consumption is no more than 162 g/kWh and relative oil consumption, burning loss is 0.5% of fuel consumption.

B14 bulldozers are equipped with reverse hydro-mechanical transmission (HMT), which provide three forward gears (max speed of movement according to the gears is 3,42; 6,07 and 9,57 km/h) and three reverse (max speed of movement according to the gears 4,25; 7,54 and 11,87 km/h). Three-wheeled torque converter with 410 mm maximum diameter and increased up to 2.95 (as against tractor with D-180 engine with 2.2 ratio ) transformation ratio is mounted with the reducer, which provide the drive of hydraulic pumps of the tractor systems as well as the possibility of independent power take -off for various units (e.g. pull winches), in the same housing.

Planetary 5-line gearbox is connected with the driven shaft of the torque converter via cardan. It is mounted on the front wall of the final drives housing. The design of the gearbox is mainly identical to the one, used on tractors of T10 type.

The theoretical (estimated) performance is shown in the figure. Combination of the elements of the motor- power plant is performed in such a way that increased tractive forces at necessary movement speeds when performing bulldozer-loosening works can be maintained at the first gear with the large value of efficiency (the efficiency of the transformer is minimum 0.8).

Theoretical tractive-speed performance

B 13 Bulldozer

Automatic adjustment of the power train to a wide range of external loads does not require from the operator to shift gears while the aggregate is running, which is usually performed at the I gear. This, combined with the servo-control of the tractor and attached implements, result in improved working environment of the operator and high efficiency of the aggregate.

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