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B11 Bulldozer
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B-11 Bulldozer of the 10 tractive class with hydromechanical transmission is a bulldozer with the up-to-date innovative systems, which provide significant increase of the performance standards and reliability of the machine units, with the improved working conditions of the operator and sophisticated design.

Categories of ground without loosening: I-III. Category of ground with preliminary loosening: more than III.

B-11 Bulldozer ChTZ B-11 Bulldozer ChTZ B-11 Bulldozer ChTZ
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B11 bulldozer got a "Certificate of conformance to "EC Council Directive No EC 98/37/EC "Machinery" (see)

The efficiency of the bulldozer is equal to the best domestic and world analogues whereas the initial cost is considerably lower. The complex of actions which has provided improvement of working conditions of the operator is introduced into design of B-11 and has increased the reliability of the most crucial units. Planetary final drives and forward-type axis of the bogies swinging are introduced. The hood is designed as a separate capsule to reduce the noise in a cabin. Folding lateral shutters of the hood, made from fibreglass with noise-insulating layer. The fuel system is equipped with the Separ filter of rough clearing, with a water-separator and fuel heating during the operation of a tractor.

Framed, hexagon cabin

Framed, hexagon cabin has a detachable roof, made of glass-fiber material, double-glazing unit, with enhanced noise - heat- vibro - insulating characteristics. Two screen wipers for the doors and two screen wipers for the front and rear windows. The space is provided for mounting of radio-recorder with loudspeakers and for storage of operator personal belongings.

The dashboard is an air-tight mono-panel with needle indicators and pilot lamps. The space is provided for mounting of conditioner in the rear part of the roof. The upper part of the cabin is equipped with a ventilation - escape hatch. The cabin, working seat and ROPS are thrown back by 35 degrees with the help of a hand hydraulic hoist.

Operator Working place

hexagon cabin with all-round visibility and low level of noise

  • Heater "Zenit 8000" is mounted under the operator working seat, providing warm air circulation, fresh air intake, excessive pressure in the cabin and recirculation;
  • control columns, made of glass-fiber material, ensure heat, noise and vibro insulation;
  • comfortable shaped armrests, the right one can be folded, giving access to the place where the documents, first aid kit, etc. are kept.


Hydromechanical transmission provides automatic adjustment of the tractive forces in accordance with the outer loads; continuous drive gearbox and quick reverse and decreased dynamic loads in power train.

Running gear

The life of running gear is increased thanks to support rollers with plain bearings, "Duo Cone" sealings, which precludes oil leakage during the operation of the rollers.

Torque converter unit

(for YaMZ-236N-3 engine) contains reducer with drives of hydraulic pumps of attached implements and transmission control.
Torque converter unit

Planetary gearbox

has three forward gears and three reverse with hydraulic shifting of gears and reverse.
Planetary gearbox

Planetary modular final drive and steering clutches

with cerametallic disks ensures high reliability of the tractors with increased traction.
Planetary modular final drive and steering clutches

"Duo - Cone" self-tightening sealing

with rubber seal rings, made of fluorine-silicone rubber, and metal rings.
self-tightening sealing

Support rollers with slide bearings

designed in a standard way, when bronze is used as an antifriction material.
Support rollers with slide bearings

Segments of the driving

wheels are fastened to the wheel hub by bolts. They are stamped with tempered working surfaces, which provide long service life and ease of change.
Segments of the driving

Track shoe,

made of steel with high physico-mechanical characteristics, fastened with special bolts.
Track shoe
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