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Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65
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PK-65 front-end wheel loader is the up-to-date, highly efficient machine, designed for excavation works, loading and developing of the dissimilar materials: the various types of grounds and rocks, coal, sand, crushed stone, metal and wood chips, stones, etc. and agricultural products. The loader is featured by independent processing of the grounds (dump and bank), it can operate in a bulldozer mode: blade the areas and dig shallow pits. The front-end wheel loader is featured by less overall dimensions and weight than excavators, but can lift heavier loads; its maneuvering does not require much space. These features determine the application of PK-65, it is one of the construction and road-construction machinery.

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Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65

Operator work place

Control devices The control-and-measurement devices of the loader units and of the lighting controls are located on the steering column.

Driven elements control is performed by the single eight-positioned handle (joystick). The control is proportional, servohydraulic. The driven elements displacement speed depends on the handle inclination angle.

"Pilot" Seat The up-to-date "Pilot" seat ensures comfort and excellent vibration insulation as well as decreases the operator fatigability and offers the sense of reliance. The seat meets the requirement of the European standards.

"Porsheda Polipac" Steering column. It comprises a housing, hydraulic steering wheel, integrated dashboard, switches and indicators. The gearbox control lever is located at the left; the under-steering wheel switch is at the right. To ease the operation the steering column can be adjusted according to its inclination angle.

Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65 Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65

Comfortable and up-to-date cab

Fan The two-mode combined extract-and-input fan with the adjustable air distribution provides the required comfortable conditions for work.

Gas stops of the hood and radiator enclosure Side cowl flaps are easily opened and reliably fixed by the gas stops.

Door gas stops. The cab doors are equipped with the gas stops, which ensure smooth opening of the doors and their fixing when the doors are open.

Loader cab It is the all-metal structure with the safety system ROPS-FOPS. It is mounted on the shock absorbers, which notably reduce noise and vibration. The first door is designed with the drop window. The excessive air pressure in the cab precludes dust and moisture penetration. The cab is equipped with the heater and combined input-and-extract fan.

Transmission and undercarriage

ZF-4WG-210 Transmission is designed with four front and three rear gears with electro-hydraulic gears shifting.

Upper cardan shaft is designed for torque transfer from the power take-off reduction gear to the transmission

Lower cardan shafts are designed for torque transfer from the transmission to the front and rear driving axles.

Interchangeable driving axles transfer the torque from the cardan gear to the wheels. The front axle is a loading equipment rigid support

PZhD-30 starting preheater is a high-performance liquid, diesel heater.

Axial-piston hydraulic pump ensures operation of the attached implement hydraulic system.

Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65 Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65
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