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Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65
ChTZ-Uraltrac / Production / Wheel loaders / Front-End Wheel Loader PK-65 / Completeness

Description Operating characteristic Completeness

Standard Equipment

• Diesel engine JAMZ-236М2-4   • Transmission ZF 4WG-160
• Cab with integrated ROPS/FOPS installed on shock absorbers   • Adjustable sprung seat "Рilot"
• Two-mode heater fan   • Cab door with drop window
• Two-mode combined extract and input fan   • Reverse warning horn
• Place for stereo cassette player installation   • Rotating beacon
• Lighting system switch button   • Pilot lamp block
• Control device panel of hydraulic mechanical transmission and pneumatic system   • Storage batteries (2 pcs), 12 V, 190 A/h (voltage is 24V)
• Windshield wipers of front and rear cab windows   • Reverse warning horn
• Cab door with drop window   • Alternator, 1.12 kW
• Parking brake   • Storage battery switch
• Hydraulic system with kinematic mechanism of bucket return from unloading to deepening positions
• Lighting system (four front and two rear headlights, cab lamp bowl, signals of clearance limit and turn)
• Steering column adjusted according to the inclination angle, front towing hook
• Instrument panel integrated into the steering column with the devices:
- cooling liquid temperature gage;   - engine air filter clogging gage;
- engine oil temperature gage;   - voltage gage;
- engine oil pressure gage;   - transmission oil temperature gage;
- transmission oil pressure gage;   - fuel level gage;
- hour meter - voltmeter;   - battery charging gage

Optional Equipment

• Starting preheater ПЖД-30   • Fire extinguisher
• Heating hood casing   • Seat with safety belts
• Cab with tinted glasses   • Conditioner
• Rear-view external mirrors   • Tool bag
• Sun visor   • Windshield washers
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