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Bulldozer-loosening assembly DET-320
ChTZ-Uraltrac / Production / Bulldozers / Bulldozer-loosening assembly DET-320

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When designing the new diesel electric tractor DET-320 the recommendations of the main consumers of the industrial tractors produced by the mining companies were respected as well as the long field experience of the tractors DET-250 M2. Together with increased reliability (including the mounting of the diesel engine JAMZ and the undercarriage reinforcement), improvement of the outer and inner design the bulldozer kept the advantages which differ it form the other competitors, i.e. the low ground specific pressure, the highest transport speed and the infinitely variable control of the traction and speed ranges.

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The diesel engine JAMZ-7511.10-18 of operating power 350 hp mounted instead of the engine В-31М4 is characterized by longer service life, lesser specific fuel consumption and meets the requirements of the standards EURO-II. At that the change of the diesel engine ejection cooling system to the classical one with the frontal radiator is provided. The liquid heater ПЖД-30Е is applied together with the glow plug preheater to prepare the diesel engine start-up at the ambient temperature below minus 20 °С.

The undercarriage is equipped with a torsion suspension and the torsion bars of the equal rigidity fixed in the carriage frames instead of the tractor frame.

The idlers of closed type are solid.

Two-seat quick-detachable cab provides with good view of the working equipment. It is equipped with the air heater, conditioner and T window insulating units.

The lubrication system is of the mixed type: under pressure with spraying and with two oil filters (full-flow filter with interchangeable filtering element and centrifugal filter with jet drive).

Turbocharger: with air intermediate cooling.

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