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Т10М is a collective designation of the industrial crawler tractors of drawbar category 10 of general and special purpose designed to be operated in all climatic regions. The tractors Т10М of various modifications and completeness are produced in large quantities (about 80). The tractors T10M have been produced since July 2003. The new range tractor development and production is a result of Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant work aimed to increase the quality, engineering performance, reliability and unification of their predecessors, the tractors Т-170М1 and Т-10.02. The past technologies implemented in production allowed producing more advanced tractors T10M. The base model of this range is a tractor Т10М.0000.


The diesel engine D180 installed on the tractors Т10М improves efficient operation of the earth-moving assemblies at the increased power up to 180 hp and torque backup up to 25%. Three stages of engine modification power contribute to its efficient use.
The engine run on various fuels (diesel fuel, kerosene, gas condensate) makes the operation of a tractor and the assemblies on its base in different regions extremely efficient. Depending on the operating conditions the engine can be completed with the various starting systems: electric starter and carburetor starting engine. The engine is provided with the starting preheater and the other starting aids, thus it can be operated in the climatic regions where the ambient temperature is up to minus 50 °С.


The use of two types of transmission (hydraulic mechanical and improved mechanical one) allows a customer to choose the necessary one against the specific conditions and requirements.

The hydraulic mechanical transmission (index "0") provides with automatic infinitely variable control of traction force and speed depending on the draught resistance.

The mechanical transmission (index "1"), main gear, steering clutches, brakes and final drives are the same as these ones of the hydraulic mechanical transmission.


The chassis is a framed welded structure. The necessary rigidity is ensured with the special structure of the steering clutch body where the side members of the box-like section are welded to as well as with the absorber and the balance beam box welded to the side members. The marsh crawler tractor frame is designed with the lengthened side members.

Running Gear

The running gear is of a bogie type. The bogie suspension is a semi rigid three-point structure with a micro sprung rigid balance beam. This suspension application allows making the most rational use of the running gear mass when running the bulldozer equipment as against a standard spring suspension as well as operating the bulldozer assembly much more efficiently, especially on the compact grounds.

The following mechanisms are installed on the track bogies of the rectangular section pipes: road wheels, carrier rollers, idlers and track recoil mechanism.

The lengthened running gear with six-roller bogies is recognized as standard (main) one (instead of the five-roller traditional ones designed for tractors of drawbar category 10 produced by ChTZ). Its use improves considerably the towing and linkage features as well as increases the efficiency of the bulldozer-loosening assembly operation.

The seven-roller bogies are installed on the tractors when operating on soft soils (swamp). They provide with significantly decreased specific ground pressure if applied together with the shoes of 900 mm in width.

The seven-roller bogies are set even on the tractors operated as a base assembly for the pipe layers ТR12 and ТR20 and for the tractor-towed crane КP-25.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is a separate-unit system designed with a gear-type pump. Its configuration depends on the attached implements. The main hydraulic gear-type pump НШ-100 is fit on the engine and is driven from its timing gears.

The refining of a full-flow filter with the filtering elements "Regotmas" ("Реготмас") is 25 µm. It is fit on the drain channel.

The hydraulic distributor R160 is three-valve three-position unit.

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