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To manufacture the newly designed working machines and mechanisms it is always required to produce a big range of the part blanks made by metal working under pressure (hot stamping).

The blanks produced by hot closed-die forging are the complex shapes close to the sizes of a ready-made part, the resistance, durability, a wide range of the applied steel grades, and the minimal metal consumption.

The team of the forging plant "ChTZ-Uraltrac" Ltd skilled in designing and manufacturing of the hot stamping will help to develop your business. We mastered production of more than five thousands various stampings. The production capacity exceeds 70 thousands tons of stampings and forgings per a year.

Due to the unique press-forging equipment the forging plant produces the small-sized, average-sized and big-sized stampings for the various engineering branches of industry both for the single-part and for the large quantity production.

The forging plant comprises the departments specializing in the following fields:

  • production of the stampings of various complexity (С1…С4 GOST 78505 - 89) of weight from 0.2 to 240 kg on the stampings hammers of weight from 1 to 15 tons and production of the solid rings on the ring-reeling machines by hot flattering-out;
  • production of the stampings like a core with boss, the bushes, rings and stampings of mixed geometry on the horizontal-forging machines with force from 250 to 2 500 ton-force;
  • production of the different forgings with weight up to 1 500 kg by open forging on the steam-and-water press with force from 1 000 ton-force and on the steam-and-air hammers with falling part weight 3 tons;
  • stamping of the tractor track links on the crank hot-forging presses with force 4000 т.с.;
  • preliminary thermal treatment, following cleaning from scale of the full stamping range produced by the forging plant;
  • " production and repair of the various forging tools applied for the hot die forging (hammer, press, ripper, heading dies and the other tools applied for the special-purpose forging equipment).

The other main types of the output parts:

  • stampings of the pinions, shafts, sprockets, covers, flanges, etc.;
  • stampings of the links, balancers, cranks, crawler rims;
  • stampings of the crankshafts with weight up to 240 kg, connecting rods, distributing shafts of the internal-combustion engines;
  • solid rings made of different steel grades with diameter from 250 to 1 000 mm and with width from 50 to 300 mm;
  • stampings of the tips of steering rods, middle rods, hinge cams used in the automotive industry;
  • stamping for the railway vehicle parts;
  • stampings for the lock valve part production;
  • stampings for the parts applied in the oil-refining branch of industry.
Track links Journals Levers
Crankshafts Connecting rods
Solid rings Stampings of various designation Round stampings in horizontal projection
Camshafts Forks Motor vehicle parts
Lock valves Axles Ry stampings
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We are ready to produce the stampings of proper quality and in required quantity by your request, including the machining.

Our requisites:
telephone: (351) 775-84-79 (Director),
tel/fax: (351) 778-41-21
tel/fax: (351) 779-88-04 (Engineering Department)

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