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The helpful hints to the consumers of the tractors T-10 and the machines on their base
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- To run the tractor for a long time without failure, study carefully the operating manual enclosed to each machine before its first operation.

- The first fifty service hours it is recommended not to operate the tractor at full-load. It improves running in and extends service life of the machine.

- When starting the diesel engine up, engage the fuel delivery at the oil pressure in the diesel engine lubrication system according to the gauge on the device panel, not less than 0.1 MPa (1 kgf/cm). It extends the lifetime of the turbocharger and the crank mechanism as well as it excludes their early breakdown.

- It is not recommended to fill the units and the mechanisms of a tractor with the unknown combustive-lubricating materials of low quality that do not fit with the recommendations of a manufacturer and with the season.

- When operating during the cold season apply the heating casings to maintain the required thermal conditions.

- The crawler tractor belts excessive tension is not recommended to extend their serviceability. The upper belt side deflection between the carrier rollers should not be less than 5 mm.

- The excessive tension of the fan and generator drive belt results in damage of the given unit bearings. The fan drive failure can damage the engine cooler.

- When it is necessary to perform the welding works on the tractor to avoid the failure of the electric equipment it is obligatory to switch the storage batteries off.

- Carry out the loosening operations on the tractors equipped with a ripper only at the straight-line motion at the 1-2 gear.

- When operating the tractor with the pipe-laying equipment lift the loads only at the 1-2 gears of the reduction gear. At the third gear it is allowed only to lift a hook and a boom without any load.

- It is not recommended to turn the pipe-layer by reverse run to avoid the crawler tractor track dislodgement from a driving wheel and from the track rollers. If necessary, perform turning by reverse run as smoothly as possible.

- When the tractor is operated, check the blade knives for wear, and replace them in time. It prevents the blade from damage.

- The engine start-up with the help of a tow-rope results inevitably in the machine failure and in the turbocharger damage in the first place.

- Apply the spare parts manufactured at the factory for the repair. The spare parts of the unknown origin can result in not only the early failure but also in the damage of the mating units and parts.

- The engineering machines on the T-10 base are sold by the manufacturer in direct or through the authorized dealers. When purchasing the machinery otherwise than through the plant some parts can be sold after the repair or produced outside the factory when the technology is not observed properly, thus adversely affects the machine operation in whole. Please, pay your attention to this factor.

Head of After-Sales Service Department - N.S.Kudryavtsev

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