"Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - Uraltrac" Ltd
Russia, 454007, Chelyabinsk, Lenin avenue, 3, e-mail: tractor@chtz.chel.su
International trade office: +7 351 772-95-82, e-mail: chtzvtf@chel.surnet.ru

ChTZ-Uraltrac / Service / Production Department

Production Department

The long work experience on production of the complex mechanical technique, various national consumption products and their improvement allows speaking about these services that the Production Manager Department could offer to help you with product and technology development.

The following specialists work in the Production Manager Department: mechanical engineers, equipment designers, programmers, adjusters, and research engineers. We have the manufacturing capabilities with the up-to-date equipment.

The Production Manager Department comprises the following divisions:

The specialists of the "ChTZ-Uraltrac" Ltd are widely experienced in development and implementation of the various products.

"ChTZ-Uraltrac" Ltd comprises the foundry, forging, press-and-welding, machining, coating, thermal and galvanizing productions (technological capabilities).

Telephone: +7(351) 772-99-10; fax: +7(351) 778-41-49