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Production Department

The long work experience on production of the complex mechanical technique, various national consumption products and their improvement allows speaking about these services that the Production Manager Department could offer to help you with product and technology development.

The following specialists work in the Production Manager Department: mechanical engineers, equipment designers, programmers, adjusters, and research engineers. We have the manufacturing capabilities with the up-to-date equipment.

  • The Production Manager Department is capable of working out the ways of the units and parts production by your request considering the available equipment or choosing and delivering both Russian and foreign equipment. We can perform the technical and economical analysis as well as measure your costs.
  • We will carry out the full cycle of production preparation and development according to the chosen way:
    • help in development of the business plans and investment projects;
    • development of the technically drafting documents of the technological processes and their full equipping with the PC use;
    • research and development works on the application of the new advanced technologies, tools and welding types;
    • development of the control programs for the NC and machining center machines;
    • production of the jigging as well as engineering setup, start-up and implementation of the equipment;
    • help in development of the business plans and investment projects;
    • equipping with the tools of measuring, controlling and testing;
    • the specialists of the Production Manager Department are experienced in purchasing and selling of the full range of the metal-working equipment both in Russia and abroad.
  • On the available production basis we shall produce the products of any complexity according o the drawings or part models by your order.
  • We are ready to cooperate with you and we are sure it will help to develop and to raise your production competitive ability.

The Production Manager Department comprises the following divisions:

  • engineering division;
  • technological divisions;
  • investment and equipment division;
  • programming and production gage division;
  • metal cutting laboratory;
  • welding laboratory;
  • engineering setup shop.

The specialists of the "ChTZ-Uraltrac" Ltd are widely experienced in development and implementation of the various products.

"ChTZ-Uraltrac" Ltd comprises the foundry, forging, press-and-welding, machining, coating, thermal and galvanizing productions (technological capabilities).

Telephone: +7(351) 772-99-10; fax: +7(351) 778-41-49

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