"Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - Uraltrac" Ltd
Russia, 454007, Chelyabinsk, Lenin avenue, 3, e-mail: tractor@chtz.chel.su
International trade office: +7 351 772-95-82, e-mail: chtzvtf@chel.surnet.ru

ChTZ-Uraltrac / Terms of delivery and sales


Recent time there have been occasions of sale of some forged repairing tractors or bulldozers under “ChTZ-URALTRAC” trademark. Companies offering the same production under “ChTZ-URALTRAC” trademark are not running down.

Due to this fact the Centre of Marketing and Sales informs:

The assured purchase of manufacturing machinery is possible only through the official regional dealers of “ChTZ-URALTRAC” or at the plant directly (Contacts).

There is a threat of getting of forgery or used and reconstructed articles of manufacture if you buy machinery or spare parts with “ChTZ-URALTRAC” trademark with the help of other companies.

If you have doubts in origin and quality of offered machinery or spares, you can e-mail us and give us information about the company offering you the production of “ChTZ-URALTRAC”. We will inform you about authorization of the company anŠ² its official relations with “ChTZ-URALTRAC”. You can contact to the specialists by phone also.

Terms of order:

In order to make the products of “ChTZ-URALTRAC” maximum suitable under various operational conditions, the articles of manufacture are delivered only by the preliminary request. You can get some consultation from the plant specialists on choosing of modifications or their completing (Foreign Trade Firm), or asking your official regional representative (Dealers).

Conditions of cooperation

Since on June 1, 2003 "ChTZ-Uraltrac" Ltd. changed to production of the equipment line based on new T10M.XXXX tractor its output is ordered only preliminarily. The terms of cooperation and, if necessary, ordering are given below. For this purpose you need to draw up the request considering as follows:

Repayment terms:

   - Prepayment by means of transfer to manufacturer settlement account ,

   - Prepayment by Russian Federation Sberbank, Avtobank notes (notes of other banks - on agreement of parts),

   - Credit form of payment,

   - Currency of payment, form of payment and terms of shipment of products delivered outside of Russia are agreed additionally.

Discount system:

While buying spare parts discount system takes place.

While buying engineering equipment discount system takes place in a time.

Possible terms of manufacturer product delivery:

   - FCA - Chelyabinsk;

   - DAF - within Russia and CIS;

   - FOB - Russian port of entry;

   - CPT - destination etc.

Requirements of shipment per 1 platform car:

Tractor T10M.XXXX to 3 units
Swamp tractor T10MB.XXXX,
Bulldozer assembly B10M.XXXX-E,
Bulldozer and loosening assembly B10M.XXXX-EN, B10M.XXXX-ER   
to 3 units
Swamp bulldozer B10MB.XXXX-B4 1 unit
Pipelayer TR12.19.01, TR20.19.01 1 unit
Diesel-and-electrical power plant DET-250M2B1R1 1 unit