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In 2002 the diesel electric tractor DET-320 was developed and produced on the base of the tractor DET-250M2.

The industrial diesel electric tractor DET-320 differs from the production tractor DET-250M2:

  • 1. The diesel engine ЯМЗ-7512.10-04 with operating power 330 hp instead of the engine В-31М4. It is specified with longer service life, lower specific fuel consumption and meets the requirements of standard EURO-II. At that the standard cooling system can be applied instead of the ejector one including the front cooler use..
  • 2. To clean the air, the air cooler block is mounted. It comprises three inertial filters and a secondary air filter with four paper filtering cartridges.
  • 3. To prepare the diesel engine for its start-up in winter at the temperature below minus 20 °С, in addition, the liquid heater ПЖД-30Е is fit along with glow-plug preheater. .
  • 4. The torsion bars of equal rigidity locked on the bogies are used in running gear instead of the tractor frame. The idlers are designed as solid ones of closed type.
  • 5. The quick detachable metal two-seat cab corresponding to the up-to-date standards is installed on a platform fastened to the tractor frame. The manifold plate glasses are fir in the window openings. Together with the cab lining they provide with heat and noise insulation. The sunblinds of drum type with the tension spring mechanism are fit upwardly on the front and rear windows and on the doors. The cab is equipped with the heater fan and conditioner RIO 3000. The heater fan can be operated in the following modes: circulation, recirculation and simultaneous supply of outside and recirculated air; it can be used as a simple fan in summer.
  • 6. The system of operator protection when turning over and against the falling objects FOPS-ROPS is also installed. It comprises two vertical legs connected to the vertical beam and visor. The vertical beam is coupled with two supports connected to the tractor frame.
  • 7. To ensure the operator comfort work, the box with the storage batteries is set outside the cab on its left-side wing. To increase the service life of the storage batteries, the box is designed with double walls filled with the heat-shielding filler. In winter the warm air is supplied into the box from the traction motor to heat the storage batteries in winter.
  • 8. To cool the traction motor, the centrifugal fan is set on the distributing reduction gear of power generator. The fan discharges the traction motor and the heated air comes out of the tractor board. In cold seasons the fan supplies the heated air in the storage battery box.
  • 9. The charging alternator ГП-6,5 driven through the hydraulic coupling is set on the distributing reduction gear of tractor rear axle.
  • 10. In the control gears the accelerator is changed to the decelerator, and the exhaust brake effecting on the brake belts of both tractor boards is led to the pedal.
  • 11. The electric drive heating elements (booster resistances and control resistances) are set outside the cab in the separate box with the vents.
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