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Facilities of Tractor Operated at Low Temperatures

Cab Heating and Ventilation System

  The tractors are equipped with a two-mode heater-fan of building-block fashion "XEROX-4000" (company "Eber-spaher", Germany) specified as follows:

Heat power, W 3000/4000
Coolant Antifreeze of engine cooling system
Coolant flow, l/h 250
Fan capacity, cubic meters per hour 150/200
Power input, W 72

  The efficient heater-fan is set on a cab roof. The air heating time in a cab at the indoor temperature up to plus 14 °С is 25 min at the outdoor temperature minus -20 °С (it meets the requirements of GOST 12.2120 clause 3.2).

Oil Heater

The optional air heater can be installed on the tractors with mechanical transmission and starting engine on special order. The coolant is the engine lubrication system oil. The optional cooler helps to keep the standard temperature in a cab (not less than plus +14 °С) at the outdoor temperature minus -40 °С

Optional Cab Heating and Ventilation

  The independent air heater "AIRTRONIC" ("Eberspaher", Germany) can be installed together with "XEROX-4000" on the tractors with hydraulic mechanical transmission by customer requirement. It has the following specifications:

Heat efficiency (adjustable), W from 1000 to 4000
Coolant air
Fuel consumption, l/h from 0,13 to 0,51
Fan capacity, cubic meters per hour 150/200
Power input, W
- during operation
- at starting

from 7 to 40
less than 100

It is designed to heat and to hold heat in the cabs in severe weather conditions when the engine both is run and is stopped.
An operator adjusts the required temperature in a cab from plus +10 °С to plus +30 °С with the help of a control regulator.
The adjusted temperature is hold automatically with a heater.
The remote control as well as the operation at the ventilation mode is provided.
The recommended mixture of fuel and carbon oil (50x50) applied at the temperature below 20 °С flows into the heater fuel system from the separate tank the capacity of which is 8 l. A lot of the tractors (24 pcs) is produced and sold according to this scheme.

Manifold Plate Glasses

The cab can be equipped with the manifold plate glasses (front and rear glasses) by order.
The manifold plate glass is a block the thickness of which is 23 mm comprising two glasses of 5 mm in thickness with air clearance 12-13 mm.
The glasses are assembled with the sealing material through the full ringing. The silica gel absorbing water is fit inside it. The manifold plate glasses ensure:

  • better thermal insulation;
  • decreased noise level inside the cab approximately for 3 dBA;
  • glass protection against sweat.

Diesel Engine Prestarting Preparation System for
Operation and for Heat Holding in the Tractor Cab

  It is possible to install the liquid heater "HYDRONIC 35" ("Eberspaher", Germany) instead of the prestarting heater PZhD-30 (ПЖД-30) on the tractors equipped with electric starting by customer order. The specifications of this liquid heater are the following:

Heat efficiency, W 35000
Fuel consumption, l/h 4,2
Power input, W 120
Weight, kg 18
Voltage, V 24

  The heater is applied in the liquid system of diesel engine cooling, and it holds the coolant temperature in automatic mode due to the temperature control at input and output from the heater boiler.
 The automatic coolant temperature holding gives the possibility to keep the tractor ready for the operation even if the diesel engine is stopped.
 The use of the heater exhaust gas heat for the oil heating in the diesel engine crankcase decreases its start-up time. The heater is fed with the diesel fuel flowing from the separate tank, which gives the possibility to prepare the fuel mixture (kerosene plus diesel fuel) for the heater operation at the low ambient temperatures.
 The heater "HYDRONIC 35" allows making the work of the personnel easier during the preparation and maintenance of a tractor in cold climate.

Improvement of Running Gear

Idler Support 50-21-406/407

 The idler all-metal support appliance instead of the support and the rest interconnected with the bolts allowed increasing the reliability of idler fastening on a frame having excluded the cases when the fastening was loosened and the unit was broken.
 The all-metal support is interchangeable with the welded one in the assembled idler unit.
 Install it on the tractors produced earlier according to the manual 50-21-432И1 (cutting and re-welding of a strap under the support on the bogie frame).

Idler 50-21-408

 The all-metal idler ensures the strength increasing and excludes the foreign objects getting in the running gear. The machined link rail increases the service life of an idler and a track. The improved idler can be mounted instead of a spoke wheel (50-21-212). kolesos_200

Driving Wheel 50-19-182СБ

 The segmented driving wheels are applied instead of the al-metal one. Nine three-tooth segments are fastened with the bolts to the wheel hub. The service life of such wheel is increased if compared to the standard one due to the higher mechanical properties of the segments. Simultaneously the track service life is also increased due to decrease of wear-off in the pair "wheel tooth - track bush". When the teeth are worn out, only the segments 50-19-201 are changed. When the segments are changed, it is not necessary to disconnect a track and to remove the bogies. The complete set of a driving wheel is interchangeable with the all-metal wheel 50-19-160-1. veds_212

Track with Minimal Axial Clearance

The clearance between a link and a bush is 0.15 mm, max (the standard track clearance is about 1 mm). At this the ground getting in the hinge is decreased, and the track service life is increased for 7-12% depending on the ground.
Since 2004 all tractors have been completed with this type of a track.

Tracks with Closed Dry Hinge

 By customer order the track with additional hinge guard with the elastic washers can be installed on a tractor. The elastic washers are fit between the bush ends and the track links. They protect the hinges from the abrasive and dirt ingress and, as a result, ensure the decrease of track wear-out increasing its service life. shars_200


Road Wheels on the Friction Bearings with New Sealing Кат-21-169СБ-В, Кат-21-170СБ-В

 By customer order the wheels of increased carrying capacity with improved sealing are installed on the tractors.
 The friction bearings allow bearing the high specific loads.
 The sealing rings are made:
   - metal ones - off the special cast iron of high wearing capacity;
   - rubber ones - off the imported fluorine-silicon rubber.
 The wheels are filled with the liquid lubricant. When operating the refilling is not required.

Steering Clutch Disks with Metal-Ceramic Straps 50-16-11СП

  The multi-disk steering clutches of dry friction are applied as the steering mechanisms in the transmissions of the tractors Т10М.
  At present the steering clutches are completed with the friction disks 50-16-111СП with the metal-ceramic straps instead of the friction disks 24-16-103СП with the pressed straps made off the asbestos material. These friction straps are characterized by high wearing capacity, high and stable friction coefficient, high strength, unengagement with the coupled friction disk, high heat conduction and capacity, high conformability and low water absorbency.
  All listed properties of the metal-ceramic straps of the friction disks 50-16-111СП allowed increasing the serviceability of the steering mechanisms. For instance, the serviceability of the friction disks 24-16-103СП does not exceed 2500 service hours, and the serviceability of the friction disks 50-16-111СП comes up to 10000 service hours. At this it is not required to adjust the steering control mechanism during the operation because the metal-ceramic disk wear-out is minor. The disks 24-16-103СП and 50-16-111СП are fully interchangeable: it allows fitting the metal-ceramic disks into the steering clutches of the tractors Т-130, Т-170 and all modifications regardless of a production year.

Discontinuous Audible Signal

  Since January 2004 the discontinuous back-up alarm has been installed on the engineering machines produced by "ChTZ-Uraltrac", Ltd.
  The back-up alarm system is designed to ensure security of workers during the tractor operation. At tractor reverse motion the audible signal sounds discontinuously.
  It is recommended to reequip the tractors produced before 2004 according to the additional manual.
  You can purchase the complete set 50-10-33СП at "ChTZ-URALTRAC", Ltd.

Engine Start-Up Locking

  Since 2005 the diesel engine start-up locking system is installed on the tractors. It allows excluding the switching-on as well as the breakdown of the starter at the accidental attempt to switch it on if the engine is operated.


 The tachometer can be installed on the tractors with hydraulic mechanical transmission by an order. It allows controlling the engine crankshaft speed to operate its power efficiently at various modes of machine loading.

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