"Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - Uraltrac" Ltd
Russia, 454007, Chelyabinsk, Lenin avenue, 3, e-mail: tractor@chtz.chel.su
International trade office: +7 351 772-95-82, e-mail: chtzvtf@chel.surnet.ru

ChTZ-Uraltrac / Company Profile / Company Mission


of "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - URALTRAC" Limited

In order to meet customer’s satisfaction and expectations we will put our experience in the process of further improvement of construction machinery.

We are aimed at providing our customers with quality products at the competitive price.

Our goal is to guarantee the high life quality of the staff, and to ensure the high level of the assignments for the social needs.

We work for the mutual success.

Professionalism of the staff is
the key for the common success


We consider the quality of the products and the processes of the quality management system as the prior condition of long-term cooperation and business development in the interests of all society.

We are aimed at producing and promoting innovative construction machinery, diesel engines, and complementary products and services in order to satisfy any demand. With quality products and cooperation, based on mutual success, we are growing not only in domestic market but also in international markets.

Our purpose is to consolidate and develop sustained relationship with our customers from different countries.

The major tasks

Our task is to apply the Quality Management System to meet requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001, to keep it acting and to promote the further improvement. We are glad to maintain professional and motivated staff that works in the environment of mutual responsibility and determination.

One of the major tasks nowadays is to modernize steadily the operational and other parameters of the produced machines, to apply innovative manufacturing methods and ensure the high reliability and safety of produced equipment.