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ChTZ-Uraltrac / Company Profile / History
stalinThe 1st of June 1933 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant launched its first machines. Those were the crawler tractors "Stalinets-60" (S-60) of 60 hp on the naphtha fuel. Since the time of its establishment the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is still the main manufacturer of the powerful crawler tractors in Russia.

1936. Our tractors passed the hardest examination being used during two great expeditions: "Snow Campaign" in February 1936 - two thousands kilometers through rigorous Yakutiya region during the winter season with temperature fix of minus 50 degrees centigrade, the second one was Pamirs Passage Campaign was taken in Turkestan due to military command.

May 1937. During the World Fair in Paris The tractor S-65 was awarded with the top prize- the "Grand Prix" Diploma.

June 20, 1937 The tractor "Stalinets-65" (S-65) 65 hp with the diesel engine settled into the serial production. We were the first company in our country developing the manufacturing process of the fuel equipment for the diesels. ChTZ became the pioneer of the soviet tractor production and diesel construction.

1939 ChTZ started producing defense equipment: the artillery prime mover "Stalinets-2" (S-2) of 105 horsepower.

sb_tank1940 The plant launched production line of the heavy tanks КВ designed by the Kirov Plant in Leningrad as well as the 12-plunger fuel pump "TH-12" for the aviation engines of the heavy bombers. On the 31st of December in 1940 the State Commission accepted the first tank model manufactured in Chelyabinsk.

March 30, 1940 One hundred thousandth tractor was assembled. The total power of the produced Chelyabisk tractors was equal to six millions hp or to ten DneproGESes.

During the World War II the plant was renamed as Kirov Plant of Narcomtankoprom in the city of Chelyabinsk. Seven companies partially or completely were relocated and formed a tank industrial complex called as Tankograd. The plant became one of the major front armories: 18 thousands tanks and self-propelled machines, 48.5 thousands tank diesel engines, 17.7 millions military ammunition sets were produced in a record short time.

Tankograd complex manufactured 13 types of the new tanks and self-propelled artillery sets (SAU) along with 6 types of the tank diesel engines. For the first time in the tank construction world history the heavy tanks were assembled in series production.

During the War the Plant was rewarded for 33 times with the Red Banners of the State Defense Committee for the victory in the Soviet Union Competition.

Awards ChTZ - The Order of the Red Star August 5, 1944 The plant was awarded the Order of the Red Star for outstanding praise in design and manufacturing new models of tanks, self-propelled guns and tank diesel engines supplied to the Red Army.

Awards ChTZ - The Order of Lenin August 5, 1944 The plant was awarded the Order of Lenin for special praise in designing new Soviet heavy-duty tanks and self-propelled guns (Tank Industry Public Commissariat works).

Awards ChTZ - The Order of Lenin April 30, 1945. The plant was awarded the Order of Lenin for the praise in design and modifying tank diesel engines (the Kirov Plant Diesel Engine Design Engineering Department of NarkomTankProm).

Awards ChTZ - The Order of Kutuzov July 18, 1945. The plant was awarded the Order of Kutuzov of the First Class for services in designing new models of heavy-duty tanks, self-propelled guns and tank diesel engines, with the above machinery serially produced and supplied the Red Army.

January 5, 1946The first post-war machine "Stalinets" (S-80) was launched, equipped with a cab of closed type was assembled. Since 12th of June, 1946 its series production started. That machine was extensively used in the different industrial sectors: our tractors carried out more than a half of the excavation works on Volga-Don Shipping Canal. The ChTZ machines were widely applied to plough up the virgin soils.

The Kara-Kum sands, the Antarctica ice fields… In all continents a tractor having the emblem of ChTZ is the real do-all. It is applied to construct the new roads, cities and hydroelectric power stations as well as to lay oil-and-gas pipelines, to drain the marshes and to irrigate the deserts.

s100June 20, 1958 - The historical name Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant was recovered. The S-100 tractor was put into serial production. In 1961 this machine was rewarded with the World Fair Gold Medal.

January 1961The diesel-and-electrical tractor DET-250 of 310 hp was put into series production. It was rewarded with three Gold Medals of the different international exhibitions: in 1960, 1965 and 1966.

October 9, 1963 The first production tractor T-100M of 108 hp was launched at the main production line. In 1968 it was rewarded with the Gold Medal in the World Industrial Fair. To increase working efficiency, reliability and service life of the tractors to operate them under various climate conditions (marsh, sand, permafrost, etc) the modifications of a base model were developed. In 1964 we manufactured 22 modifications of the tractor Т-100М.

konvIn the late sixties under conditions of current manufacturing of the industrial tractors T-100M their radical reconstruction and technical re-equipment took place to start manufacturing of tractors T-130.

награды ЧТЗ - Орден Ленина January 22, 1971. The Order of Lenin was awarded for great achievements and for services in meeting a five-year plan of design and manufacturing heavy-duty crawler tractors.

November 10, 1971 The joint factory association "V.I. Lenin Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant" was established for the first time in USSR.

August 6, 1982 On the Elbrus north mountainside at two-kilometer altitude where the high-level battlefront took place during the World War II, the obelisk was set up. In its foundation the wreckages of the mutilated tractor S-60 are kept.

награды ЧТЗ - Орден Трудового Красного Знамени May 31, 1983. The plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for great services of supporting the nation with crawler tractors at Great Patriotic War.

June 1, 1983 To the fiftieth anniversary of ChTZ the first tractor S-60 was set up on the square beside the plant. The first in the world heavy-duty power domestic tractor T-800 with the engine of 820 hp designed to develop the rough, frozen and rocky grounds without explosion was assembled.

November 3, 1984 The millionth ChTZ tractor was manufactured.

March 1988 The Plant started manufacturing of the T170 tractor equipped with the advanced diesel engine.

September 1988 The tractor Т-800 was registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

January 1989 The tractor DET-250M2 was put into series production.

December 30, 1990 The first series tractor T10 with the hydraulic mechanical transmission was produced.

November 1999 The series production of the tank diesel engine V-92C2 was developed.

September 25, 2000 The ChTZ goods were rewarded with the Gold Cup of 1st Grade in the world exhibition "Uralstroy-2000" in Ufa city.

June 01, 2002 The tractor T10 was put into series production.

July 20, 2002 The tractor T3 pre-production model with modular design was produced.

July 25, 2002 The first regional trade RTC "ChTZ-Uraltrac" Ltd was set up in the city of Perm.

October 2002 The DET-320 tractor pre-production model with the motor engine of Yaroslavl Motor Plant (JAMZ) was assembled.

December 18, 2002 The Quality Certificate (Model Testing License) on the bulldozer B-10.02 was presented by EEC Center (Germany).

June 01, 2003 the 70th Anniversary of ChTZ plant. This day the column of machines left the Plant through the main gate. There was all range of vehicles: tractors, wheel and other special-purpose machines, and mini-machines. That was really the review of the models that have been manufactured by the plant. The tractor-veteran S-65 produced in 1937, the tractors DET-250, and the bulldozers on the base of the tractor T-170 - all of them took part in this review. The legendary tanks T-34 and KB, machines T-72 and BMP-1 adopted by Russian Army represented the military models. The up-to-date models were represented by the family of engineering equipment produced on the base of tractor T10M. The wheel vehicles included compacting roller BK-24, loader PK-5, bulldozer BK-1, small-sized tractor "Uraletz" and engineering machines on its base. The bulldozer on base of tractor T3 represented the promising models. The column ran down along the central way of the regional center to the show area in triumphal atmosphere and Chelyabinsk natives and guests could admire these machines for several days. Thousands of citizens saluted and welcomed the column. During three days more than 15000 people visited the exposition.

t10mJuly 01, 2003 The series production of the tractor T10M and its modifications were developed.

награды ЧТЗ - Вьетнамский Орден Дружбы July 25, 2003. President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam granted to Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant the Order of Friendship for its contribution in consolidating friendly and economic relations between Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Russian Federation.

December 2003 "ChTZ-URALTRAC" Ltd confirmed the Quality Management System Certificate of Conformance obtained earlier to the requirements GOST R ISO 9001-2001 including the new contemporary standards.

August 2004 The first lot of the bulldozers B10M.6000 with the hydraulic mechanical transmission and the engine JAMZ-236 were shipped.

November 2004 The system “the Plant authorized representatives in the regions” was implemented.

December 2004 The tractor ДЭТ-320 became the laureate of the contest “20 best goods of Chelyabinsk District” and the participant of “100 best goods of Russia”.

March 2005 The first bulldozer B12 with the hydraulic mechanical transmission JMT and engine JAMZ, equipped with the carriage outrigger pivot pin and the planetary final drive, was shipped. The standard size of the bulldozer is close to the hauling type of 15 tons.

February 2006 First ChTZ PK-46 wheeled front loader of 4.6 t is supplied to a customer. That series of machines are acknowledged as the best ones among those produced in the Russian Federation due to their spare parts and components supplied from reputed European manufacturers.

July of 2006 Platonov V., General Director of ChTZ takes the lead of committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and takes the position of Panel member.

March of 2007 New B11 bulldozer with high-strength plastic cabin and HTM was produced.

April of 2007 The experimental model of EO-112 5.5 t small- sized excavator was produced for operation in urban environment. That excavator was equipped with the diesel engine of 112 hp. The hydrostatic transmission outfitted with Italian hydraulic motors and ChTZ three-stage final drives was used on the machine. The model is provided with six changeable different-purpose buckets.

May of 2007 The ChTZ heavy-duty machinery works started assembling DET-400 tractor completed with AC electric machines.

Autumn of 2007 New wheeled front-end loader models were designed and manufactured (including PK-30 of 3 t capacity and PK-65 of 6.5 t capacity).

January of 2008 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant became the leader shareholder of Vityaz Ishimbay Engineering Company (exclusive Russian manufacturer of floating crawler carriers) to establish the Ural Armoured Holding Company.

награды ЧТЗ - орден Святого благоверного князя Дмитрия Донского June of 2008 – Alexy II, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, awarded Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant the prestigious Order of the most Orthodox Prince St. Dmitry Donskoy for the works made for the welfare of mankind.

December of 2008 The B11.6000EN dozing and loosening machine manufactured at CHTZ-URALTRAC was acknowledged as a winner of the contest “100 best goods made in Russia”.

May of 2009 CHTZ-URALTRAC became a winner of the engineering field contest “Best Russian Exporter in 2008”.

June of 2009 B11 bulldozer was certified for CE quality by TUV Rheinland – the EU market certification.

May of 2010 The experimental model of six-cylinder T-series diesel engine intended for mounting on the ChTZ hydromechanical transmission dozer was tested at the plant.

June of 2010 CHTZ-URALTRAC was certified for conformity to safety and health requirements.

June of 2010 CHTZ-URALTRAC declared a winner of the engineering field contest “Best Russian Exporter in 2009”.

September of 2010 The ChTZ six-cylinder T series diesel engines were certified for conformity to the world ecological standards and meet TIER-2 (Euro-4) requirements.

September of 2010 ChTZ andVertex-Transstal (VTS) put into operation a mini-foundry and launched the modern computer-aided IMF molding line (produced in Italy) – ChTZ and VTS joint project.

December of 2010 T13 Tractor its mounted implements and PK-65 wheeled front-end loader were awarded National certificates “100 best goods made in Russia”. Notably, T13 tractor got “New Product of the Year” award and Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant was awarded for its “high-quality products”.

January of 2010 B11 and B13 bulldozers with new four-cylinder ChTZ T-series diesel engines tested and proved. One of the machines outfitted with GLONASS satellite navigation system.

February of 2011 Having been adjusted by Danfoss maintenance personnel the small-sized B8 industrial bulldozer was sent for field-testing. The tractor is controlled by new software and equipped with electronic system Common-Rail diesel engine (Euro-4) and Italian modular final drive.